4 Activities to Try With Your Kids this Winter

Winter is a season associated with curling up under a blanket inside and hiding from the cold in the outside world. However, those habits can lead to bad habits later in life, as people start to fall out of good fitness routines and start isolating themselves when the snow begins to fall. Instead, you can help instill a love of year-round fitness in your children by observing the following activities.

Play Hockey

Hockey is the premiere winter sport, able to be played both inside and outdoors. While it may not be as widely popular as some of the other major team sports, it is played all across the United States and in various other places as well. A good set of sporting gear from Dick’s, bought with coupons to save money, is a great place to start getting ready to learn this sport. You can teach your kids the rules, practice their fundamental skills like skating and shooting, or organize a neighborhood league if you are feeling especially ambitious.

Practice Wilderness Survival

If your kids are the outdoorsy type, you can help them practice their survival skills by camping in a controlled environment. The key word there is controlled — you need to make sure that you have enough supplies on hand to last, and viable emergency transportation to keep you from being stranded. If you have those things, though, a winter camping trip can help your kids work on their tent pitching and campfire starting skills in a challenging environment, letting them get secure with their abilities.

Take a Skiing Trip

If you have the money for it, spending some of your winter on a ski trip is a perfect way to celebrate the season. Skiing is an activity that can be hard for kids to pick up sometimes, but if you help them learn the ways of the slopes, you can be sure they will be safe. Safety starts with good safety gear from a trusted outlet like Dick’s; you can find coupons for them here. You’ll also probably want to hire an instructor capable of helping younger people pick up the sport. When properly supervised and safely equipped, your kids can have a great time at the lodge.

Build Winter Crafts

Of course, one of the great things about winter is all of the amazingly fun activities you can do in a winter wonderland. You can help your kids make the most of the snowy season by teaching them to make snowmen, build snowforts, and have snowball fights. You can also help them decorate their winter clothing by adding patches and buttons to them that express your children’s interests. Finally, in preparation for the inevitable return of spring, you can help them to assemble birdhouses, bird feeders, and swings with supplies bought with coupons from Home Depot to liven up your backyard.

Whatever you do, making sure your kids get outdoors a bit in the winter is a great way to keep lethargy from setting in. Help your kids learn to be active 365 days a year.

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