A 2nd Child Makes You a Better Parent

Nothing is more awesome than the birth of your first child. You get to experience so many things for the first time.  And while parenting is difficult and sleep is hard to come by, you persevere and you become the best possible parent you can. You have read the books, you have gotten advice from all of your friends on social media and you have been to a parenting class or two. You have no other child to steal your attention away from this joyous little bundle and you become the perfect parent.

You really are a perfect parent; all the meals are organic, all the outfits are brand new name brand, and your child is crawling sooner than any other child in his infant yoga class. Life really is grand and you are devoting all of your time into raising the next President of the United States or possibly the next great athlete. Then you get the news, you’re going to have another baby. How will you manage your time between the two kids? And most importantly, how are you going to find any more room in your heart to love another child as much as you do your first born?

Your second baby finally arrives and it turns out, despite the math not adding up, you do have the capacity to love two children with all of your heart. You also realize you have become a better parent. How are you a better parent you ask? Let’s examine some of the ways.

First of all your second child is going to be crazy. It’s well documented and you can read all about it by clicking the link.  Why does a crazy child make you a better parent? Because now you have to work harder and we all know you grow through adversity. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Please know your second child might actually be the death of you.

Secondly you now have a proper barometer by which to judge your first kid. You think you’re objective with your first child, but you aren’t. You think everything your first born does is perfect, sweet and adorable.  It’s not until #2 enters the picture that you are able to say “Hey wait a min, my first born is actually kind of obnoxious in this particular area, number 2 is much sweeter.”

Thirdly, you’ve already done this once. We all know practice makes perfect and having a second child gives you an opportunity to practice (and change up if need be) your parenting skills. You’ve established routines and you know what to expect. You’ve already been through all the trials and errors and you are battle tested.

If you’re a parent of an only child and you are thinking you are a perfect and wonderful parent…you are! But if you want to be even better than that you should go get right on that crazy second child! You’ll thank me in 9 months, I can wait…

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18 thoughts on “A 2nd Child Makes You a Better Parent”

  1. Yes! How did you know my second child was CRAZY 🙂 I have to have sooooooo much more patience with her than I ever did with my first born!

    1. Ha! There seems to be a trend of the 2nd born being the wild child. I don’t know why that is, it’s odd how frequently it’s the case. Thanks for swinging by.

  2. This is absolutely true! As we found with our two daughters, they are usually completely different too! It teaches you how to adapt and be flexible which I think is so important.

    1. Being able to adapt is a major skill in parenting. Just when you think you maybe have it figured out….nope you were wrong. Ha 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  3. You are right, but if you really want to test your parenting wait 12 years before having your second child, lol. You tend to forget how great those little things they do are and you are a much better parent for it.

    1. So you’re the wild child of your family! Haha. I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without our crazy 2nd child! As always, great to hear from you.

      1. Yes, you could say that! I always beat to my own drum…still today!
        I’d like to think that I too spiced up life in my household!
        Thanks, always great to read you too!

  4. All good points, but I guess I’m better just being a mediocre parent because #2 is not in my plans! So, you can go ahead and wait 9 months, and then another, and then an…well, you get the point. 🙂

    I better watch out though, my wife still has this inkling of a desire for a second!

  5. I’ll have to show this one to my other half! We are planning a second in the future but every now and then he checks I’m sure about it! And of course I am!!! Now if he knows it’ll make him a better parent…! #bigfatlinky

  6. Great post as always. It’s interesting the affect the second child has on you. My parents said I was the naughty one being the second child but relatives say they were just harder because they learnt from my brother. It always sounded harsh until I had my youngest. He gets the worst time out the two because my tolerance is lower. But he’s also cuter in what he does. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there next week.

  7. How funny…I have a crazy 2nd child too! We are so much different as parents with the second one too. If the first one drops the pacifier, it has to be sanitized by boiling it for 20 minutes. By the time the second one comes along, a wipe on the pants is good enough!

    We also couldn’t wait for our first one to start crawling but were in no hurry with the second one. They’re much easier to take care of when they can’t move…LOL

    Another great post!

  8. Yes! I was much more relaxed with my second child and stopped worrying about everything else. I gave up work and just concentrated on being a parent. It was wonderful.

    And yes, my second child is a crazy noob! He’s always getting into scrapes and in fact we’ve just come back from hospital after his latest accident. (I’ve blogged about it, obvs!)

    Great post, thanks.

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