A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

A while back I wrote a letter to Summer encouraging the warm weather to return. Well, the warm weather is finally here. Warm is actually a dramatic understatement, it’s punch-you-in-the-face hot. Ninety plus degrees at 9 am hot. Break a sweat walking across your porch scorcher.

It’s not always this hot, but we’ve had a serious heat wave pass through lately. We’ve been staying inside a bit more than normal but we can’t stay cooped up all day everyday. These kids have energy they need to burn off. I was feeling bad taking them to do anything outside because it was just so hot. Then I had an idea.

Let’s turn our backyard into a mini water-park.  I got the hose, the sprinkler, the blow-up pool and the slip-n-slide. After half a gallon of sunscreen, the kids were ready to try out some slides. The big green slide ended up being their favorite and I was able to get some video of them trying it out:

They made it look like so much fun I almost went and put on my swim suit and gave it a try. Almost. Mostly I just sat in the shade and drank iced tea. At some point, the next door neighbor even caught wind of it and came over and got in on some action.

For a few hours we found a way to beat the heat and have a great time doing it. Something tells me this won’t be the last time the pool gets stuck under the slide.

How about you guys? Anyone have any fun and creative ways to beat the heat this summer? Share them below because we can’t just slide into a blow-up pool all summer. Have a great weekend and click here to cast a vote for me as a Top Daddy Blogger if you feel so inclined. I’ll see you here next week, where I may or may not combine slip-n-slide with dodgeball!

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10 thoughts on “A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat”

  1. What an ingenious way to keep cool! The YouTube video was perfect…I felt the joy and fun in their voices and in yours! Love the slip-n-slide especially!
    When we were kids, we cooled off thanks to a local deli that gave us huge, recycled white buckets that they had kept their cole slaw in…We’d fill up the buckets with hose water and sit in them…or stick our heads in them!
    I like your slide pool idea much better!
    Have a lovely summer!

  2. That’s some nice handy work there, Mike! Beat the heat and wear the kids out is big win for any parent! We’re not quite there yet, but I’m sure by next summer I’ll need to come up with something like this too. Maybe involving a trampoline…..uh oh!

    I saw something about freezing your kid’s toys in block of ice and letting them go wild with it outside. Guess that would keep things cool….

      1. Hey Mike,

        That’s too funny because my Daddy wouldn’t let us have one either but my best friend had one and we even moved it next to the pool one year and jumped from it into the pool until her Mom caught us several hours later. Bwahahaha!

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