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Why I Appreciate Wiping Bottoms

It is so easy to take things for granted. It’s easy to look back on your life and see the things that you took for granted and wish you had done things differently. I just wrote a post about all The Things I Used to Take for Granted before I had kids. It was a literary work of art, destined to be nominated for dozens of awards.

Alright fine, it won’t win any awards and it was above average at best but you should still read it if you haven’t so you know the back drop for this post.  After I wrote it I had a realization: “Am I going to look back at my life right now in 20 years and realize I was taking things for granted now?”

Yes! I probably was. I started to think about the things now that I am taking for granted. I have made the decision that, to the best of my ability, I immediately need to stop and appreciate some areas of my life.  Here are a few of the things I’m going to do my best to no longer take for granted. Continue reading Why I Appreciate Wiping Bottoms

Things I Took for Granted

Before I had kids I took so many mundane tasks for granted. Staying home and watching 4 kids has taught me a valuable lesson about appreciating the simple things in life. Below I have compiled a list of some of the things I used to take for granted.

Going to bathroom

Long gone are the days when I could just get up and go to the bathroom without a care in the world. Now I either have kids in the bathroom with me, have kids banging down the door to try to get in with me or I’m hurrying as fast as I possibly can in hope that the house isn’t on fire when I come out. Continue reading Things I Took for Granted

Party Under The Big Top #11

Well, it’s that time again. Time to link-up one (or more) of your posts and connect with some people on Google+

I’ve been mostly absent from the blog this past week because the family and I were on vacation at Disney World. We had a great time and made some wonderful memories.

But enough about that, you didn’t come here to just read about me, you came here to join the party. So go ahead and get to it.

And please don’t forget to comment on a few of the other posts, that is after all what this whole party is about!

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Party Under The Big Top #10

Headline Graphic Party Under the Big Top Act Ten with Welcome to My Circus and Sunshine Dad Blog

Party Under the Big Top ~ Act Ten

Well, here we are: Another week gone by and another Party Under the Big Top in the books. Last week had a lot of really great posts linked up and I have no reason to believe this week will be any different.

We’ve got a little bit of an announcement to make this week, plus we’ve switched up the social media link to Bloglovin’. So please don’t forget to link up your Bloglovin’ account after you have linked up a post or two. Have a great week!

Huge, Gigantic, Totally Awesome, And Really Exciting Announcement Header Graphic for Party Under the Big Top

He took the Leap…

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7 Myths About Stay-at-Home Dads

So many misconceptions swirl around Stay-at-Home Dads. As the workplace is becoming a more even playing field for women, many couples are finding themselves in situations where having the dad stay home with the  kids makes more sense.

With social media at an all time frenzy, people are free to share their thoughts instantly with the world. As thoughts are shared, debated and morphed, over time certain ideas seem to stick. As the number of Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHDs) has slowly risen, a few myths have begun to form.

I have decided to take a look at some of the most common myths I have encountered. Continue reading 7 Myths About Stay-at-Home Dads

Party Under the Big Top #9

Headline Graphic Party Under the Big Top Act Nine

Well, here we are again, ready for another terrific Blog Party. Last week we set a record for the most posts linked up, with more than 50!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and who invited a friend. This week we have a few minor changes. Lysa, my co-host has redesigned the party buttons to make them a little more manly and to help them look great on a wider variety of blogs’ color schemes.

We are also switching our social media party to Pinterest.  So please, after you link-up your post don’t forget to keep scrolling down the page and link-up your Pinterest page as well so we can all follow each other.

As a reminder in order to link-up or read the posts you will have to click on the small blue box with a picture of a frog that says “Click to view and add your links!”

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