Beat the Heat with Culer

If I know anything living in Florida, I know heat. And with the summer in full swing we need all the help we can get to maintain our cool. So when Culer offered to send me an evaporative cooler to test out, I was stoked. I am all for anything that helps me stay cool.

I’m sure the first question you have (I had it myself actually) is: What is an evaporative cooler? I’m glad you asked! An evaporative cooler uses the fact that when water evaporates off your skin, you feel cooler. That’s why our body sweats to help us stay cool. But Culer is way more technologically advanced than just spraying some water on you while you are sitting on your couch. They have developed patented flow blurring technology which atomizes water into millions of micro-droplets to increase the surface area of the water, which in-turn increases the cooling effect.

Culer Difference

As I was using the Culer solo I couldn’t really even tell there were water droplets coming out, it just felt like cool air to me. It’s a great way to help you stay cool indoors without having to crank down the air conditioner to wallet breaking temperatures. It does a remarkable job bringing down the temperature, especially compared to other evaporators.


It has a small footprint and is light weight and easy to transport around to other areas of your house or could even be great to bring on trips in RVs or other areas when the air conditioner just isn’t enough (or the air conditioner is overkill).

Before you turn the solo on you need to fill up the reservoir with water. This is easy to do and I was able to do so without spilling any water but it’s nice that the electrical cord can be detached so in the case any water does spill you don’t have to worry about any shocks.

Culer solo

The Culer solo is very quiet and only makes a small hum. It would also be great to use at night while you slept to keep you cool on those hot nights without having to run the a/c in your whole house all night.

Evaporative cooler solo

The solo is super simple to use. It has 3 buttons. Power. Fan. Cool. You (obviously) push the power button to turn the unit on. Then you have 3 options: 1) Push Fan & Cool buttons to operate in evaporative cooling mode. 2) Push the Fan button to operate as a traditional fan. 3) Push the Cool button to operate as a humidifier.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the Culer uses an air pump as opposed to a water pump, so in the event the reservoir runs out of water there is no adverse reaction or damage caused to the unit.

There is also a duet evaporator if you need even more cooling power.

Solo & Duet

So if you find yourself in a situation where a fan alone isn’t keeping you cool enough, then you need to look into Culer, they’re serious about keeping you cooler!


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