Car Decal Geek Isn’t Just For Cars

We’ve all seen the back of the minivans with the decals of the family all in a row across the back. Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister and the 2 dogs. The fad started with decals of people, now I’ve seen anything from Storm Troopers to flip-flops. It was a cool fad but the time has come to move on to more creative decals.

We aren’t really the decal-on-your-car-window type of people but when the guys over at Car Decal Geek offered to send me a couple decals I knew I could find a spot. Initially I was going to stick them on my surfboard but after getting the white decals and realizing my surfboard was white, I knew that wasn’t going to work out so hot. Plan B was sticking them on my skimboard.

Car Decal Geek

They couldn’t look any more awesome! Sticking them on was quick and easy and I think they look great. I had them send me some marine animal stickers but they have hundreds of different decals to choose from. They have a huge selection of animals, humor, sports, the 80s,  and even a section dedicated to dads just to name a few!

With 100s of different decals to choose from I guarantee you will find at least 1 you like, if not a dozen or more. You don’t have to limit yourself to your car either. Get creative like I did and see where you can stick these babies.

Car Decal Geek Shark

One thought on “Car Decal Geek Isn’t Just For Cars”

  1. Those look great! I’ve never thought about using the decals for anything other than my car. I’ll make sure to check out the site you posted. I think I’ll try them out on my laptop.

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