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Party Under the Big Top #17

So here we are after a week off with another Party Under the Big Top. If you happened to catch my post yesterday, you’ll know today is my 35th birthday (as I had a peek below I see Lysa gave me quite the surprise b-day shout out! Thank you Lysa!!) It’s been a nice and relaxing day around the house.

I’m excited to see what you guys link up this week. And as you see who the top posts were last week, you’ll notice that the Dad Bloggers swept the Party. I fully expect the women to pull together this week and show the fellas how it’s done! 🙂

Please read below where Lysa talks about why there was no party last week and how it will continue in the future. Also, please take our little questionaire/survey it would greatly help us in preparing this link-up in the future.

Have a great week everyone. Continue reading Party Under the Big Top #17

Party Under the Big Top # 16

Good afternoon everyone! I hope all of the Americans enjoyed Memorial Day yesterday. I think I saw where yesterday was Bank Day in the UK but I’m not positive about that and I have no idea what Bank Day even is. I could google it but I’m feeling lazy. Feel free to set me straight in the comments.

Now for our linkup this week in addition to our normal linkup we are continuing with a themed linkup. So this week’s theme is a reversal of sorts from last week. Link up that post of yours that you thought was amazing and you poured your heart into and you were sure it was going to go viral, only to completely flop. We’ve all got those posts so link it up for a chance to breathe new life into it. Who knows, maybe it will go viral after all.

Have a great week & invite a friend to linkup. -Mike   Continue reading Party Under the Big Top # 16

Party Under the Big Top 15

Well, it’s that time again to get out your best posts from the week and link them up. We’ve also got a special themed link-up at the bottom where you can link up that one post that you wrote that you thought was lame but after you posted it, it turned out it did pretty well. I think we’ve all got those posts that wildly exceeded our expectations.

I hope you have a terrific week and I hope to see you here again next week. Take care. -Mike Continue reading Party Under the Big Top 15

Party Under the Big Top #14

Well we are finally live after a little bit of delay. As you may know, my wonderful co-host Lysa does most of the heavy lifting as far as getting this link-up ready every week. Well she has been on an epic road trip the past few weeks and if you’ve ever been on a road trip you know internet is sometimes hard to come by. So we got a late start, but that doesn’t mean our party can’t be great! We’ve extended the end of the link-up until Saturday at noon to make up for the late start.

We’ve also made some changes this week. Instead of our usual Social Media link-up at the bottom we are going to mix it up. We want you to post your most viewed post of all time, whatever that might be. Stop and take a look at others’ most viewed posts and see if you can see any patterns emerging as to what makes a post great.

I know I’m going to be studying them to see if I can write my next “viral” post!

As always don’t forget to comment on a few other posts and link back to us so others can join in too if they want. Have a blessed week!  -Mike Continue reading Party Under the Big Top #14

Party Under the Big Top #13


The Mother’s Day Edition

Last week we set a new record for posts linked up with over 60! Thank you all so much for linking up and helping to spread the word to make this a great link-up. Please don’t forget to add our party button so others can see where you are linking up and come join in too.

We had a first time winner last week get the most views, so that was exciting.

Mother’s day is coming up soon and we have modified the linkup to reflect that 🙂 Enough of my rambling, go link up your post and don’t forget to scroll down even further and link up your twitter account. Have a great week and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Party Under the Big Top #12

I can’t believe this is already the last Tuesday in April, time seems to be flying by for me.  Last week we had a bunch of really great posts that linked up. I’m excited to see what you guys have in store for us this week.

Don’t forget to share some comment love to others, everyone loves to read comments. So go ahead and make someone’s day with a few great comments and we’ll return the favor. Also don’t forget to link up to the Instagram Party at the bottom. Continue reading Party Under the Big Top #12

Party Under The Big Top #11

Well, it’s that time again. Time to link-up one (or more) of your posts and connect with some people on Google+

I’ve been mostly absent from the blog this past week because the family and I were on vacation at Disney World. We had a great time and made some wonderful memories.

But enough about that, you didn’t come here to just read about me, you came here to join the party. So go ahead and get to it.

And please don’t forget to comment on a few of the other posts, that is after all what this whole party is about!

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