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Funny things my kids said this week

Like most people who have little kids will tell you, they can say the craziest things sometimes. My kids are no different. They are always making some off the wall and usually funny comment. It also seem that the crazy second child, Greyson, is the biggest culprit. I decided this past week I was going to immediately jot down in my phone anything good that they said so I wouldn’t forget it. I’m notoriously bad about thinking I will remember later what they said and then forgetting.  But this week I was good and wrote them down in my phone right away. Here are the best quotes from the Smith household from last week.  Continue reading Funny things my kids said this week

8 Things I Didn’t Know About Birth

When we were headed to the hospital for the birth of our first child I really didn’t know what was about to happen. I had read a couple parenting books and we had discussed what our parenting plan was going to be but all of that started after the baby was born. My wife was reading books about what to expect during the pregnancy and  she shared some of that with me along the way but I never really read anything or discussed with anyone what to expect during the delivery. We didn’t go to any birthing classes, I imagine some of this would have been covered in there. I was going in blind. Continue reading 8 Things I Didn’t Know About Birth

Party Under The Big Top #10

Headline Graphic Party Under the Big Top Act Ten with Welcome to My Circus and Sunshine Dad Blog

Party Under the Big Top ~ Act Ten

Well, here we are: Another week gone by and another Party Under the Big Top in the books. Last week had a lot of really great posts linked up and I have no reason to believe this week will be any different.

We’ve got a little bit of an announcement to make this week, plus we’ve switched up the social media link to Bloglovin’. So please don’t forget to link up your Bloglovin’ account after you have linked up a post or two. Have a great week!

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He took the Leap…

Continue reading Party Under The Big Top #10

What direction are your kids headed?

It’s always been interesting to me how different my kids are. They each have the same biological parents and have each been raised together but they are all just as unique as they can be.  As I got to thinking about it the other day I realized they were each like a point on a compass pointing their own direction. That of course got me to contemplating which kid was which point. After thinking about it, it seemed very obvious who was North, South, East & West.  Continue reading What direction are your kids headed?

Chapstick Potty

Potty training is a necessary evil in every parents life. I don’t know anyone who would describe it as fun but then again changing your child’s diapers for their entire life isn’t going to be fun either. At some point, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you will potty train your child. Sometimes these things go well, sometimes they go crappy. (That was a dad joke) Continue reading Chapstick Potty