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The Potty Protector – Mom & Dads Best Friend

The Potty Protector is a nifty tool that was created with mom and dad in mind. Boys of all ages miss the “mark” from time to time and can quickly turn a clean bathroom into a messy (and smelly) war zone.


The Potty Protector is a plastic shield that fits easily on your toilet to protect your porcelain and its surrounding areas (especially the back); leaving you with a fresh and clean surface every time you need to go.

As a parent I can see the benefit of having a Potty Protector handy. It makes constant cleaning a thing of the past and allows you to spend your precious time enjoying your loved ones rather then cleaning up after them.

The best part is that it fits any toilet shape and size and is very easy to install and remove. Its dries quickly and cleaning is a breeze, just use a disinfectant wipe or soap and water.

If this sounds interesting to you then head over and check out their Kickstarter project here >


This post is sponsored by Potty Protector

Interview with an Author: Erin Frew

I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of interviewing anyone on the blog before, so I’m excited to debut another Sunshine Dad first. I had the privilege of getting to interview children’s author and illustrator Erin Frew.  Her book Golden Boy Bailey has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of writing a book myself, so I was eager to learn more about Erin and the process of writing a book. So without further ado, let’s get to it! Continue reading Interview with an Author: Erin Frew

This Father’s Day Get Dad the #WriteGift

Thanks to CROSS Pens for partnering with me on this post!


CROSS pens, which have long been recognized for their outstanding pens, has partnered with Marvel to come out with a fantastic line of pens featuring Iron Man, Spider man and Captain America. After much deliberation I decided to cast my lot in with team Iron Man.

I remember when I graduated high school and I got my first CROSS pen as a graduation gift. That thing wrote like a dream. This Iron Man CROSS pen is no different. As an added bonus it has a stylus tip at the top, so if you are wearing gloves or your hands are dirty you can still use your smartphone.


Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you are looking for a practical gift for your dad with a little bit of flare you should consider one of these Marvel options from CROSS. They are the #WriteGift for that special guy in your life and they are sure to leave a lasting mark.

CROSS Father's Day


Gifts for Men are Always Timely

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and every year we are always scrambling to find the best fathers day gifts for our dad. We want unique gifts or cool gifts but also gifts that our dad will actually want and use. A wooden watch from Jord checks off all those boxes.

Not only does Jord make some of the most unique watches I’ve ever seen, they are also among the most stylish. They make watches out of 8 different varieties of woods. The watch I have The Dover Ebony & Copper is a pure work of art.

Dover Ebony & Copper

From the moment it arrived in its wooden crate, I was in love. It’s obviously a bit more of a dressy watch but it still looks great when paired with casual wear.

Jord Wooden Watches

Then of course, when I am a little bit more dressed up, it just sets off my whole ensemble. I’ve been wearing it for the past couple weeks and I keep getting compliments on it. Then when I tell people it’s wood they love it even more.

Jord Dover Ebony & CopperI love the contrast of the blue hands on the copper face with the gears showing through.  It’s such a sleek design.


Another hidden detail that I love about the watch is the clear back. Of course you can’t see this unless you take the watch off, but still, I love that they thought to do this.


Today at lunch, my son, who turned 5 last week, asked me for probably the 10th time if this was his watch. I again emphatically explained that no, the watch I have been wearing is mine. He then proceeded to ask me if he could have it when I died. I slowly looked around at my 4 other kids who weren’t paying much attention to us and quietly whispered. “Sure”

I’ve already created a family heirloom.

So if you are struggling this father’s day to come up with men’s gift ideas for your dad, look no further than a Jord wooden watch. With so many different amazing watches to choose from I know you can find one that he’ll love. Who knows you might even be buying your next family heirloom.

Jord is also hosting a giveaway, so don’t forget to click here to enter!

Wood Watches by JORD


Learning how to Ride a Bike

Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

Learning to ride a bike is a childhood rite of passage. The falls and scrapes are all worth it in the end when you are finally able to ride free with the wind in your face and your worries at your back. For a kid a bike is freedom. It’s the greatest form of personal transportation until you get your driver’s license.  But the process of learning can be challenging and scary. Thankfully Schwinn and Toys”R”Us are here to help. Continue reading Learning how to Ride a Bike

Family Yearbook. Nowvel Photobook

It’s an idea I’ve had for a while but had a hard time motivating myself to actually do it: Create a yearbook for my family. A photo album book that would encapsulate one year of our lives. Thankfully Nowvel came along and offered me a chance to try out one of their books for free. Now if I could just motivate myself to make it!

Turns out I had gotten myself all worked up for no reason. It was super simple and intuitive to make. Continue reading Family Yearbook. Nowvel Photobook

Aurorae’s Got Your Back at the Beach

The summer is quickly approaching here in Florida and that means two things; crazy heat and frequent trips to the beach. Aside from sunscreen one of the most important items to remember to take with you to the beach is a great big towel. I had a chance recently to try out a pair of Microfiber Sport and Swim Towels from Aurorae. Continue reading Aurorae’s Got Your Back at the Beach