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FutureSchool is Now

As a parent, one of the things I think about quite a bit is my children’s education. We made the decision to move to one of the top school districts in our state but that doesn’t stop me from wondering if homeschooling would still be a great option. One of the things that has been holding me back from seriously considering homeschooling is feeling overwhelmed by it. Where do I start? What curriculum do I use? How do I know I’m teaching the right things? How do I know if my kids are progressing properly? What do I do if my kids aren’t understanding? The last thing I would want is to give them a worse education. Enter FutureSchool. Continue reading FutureSchool is Now

Comfiest contest

I just did a review of  a pair of sleepsie pajamas from Baby Deedee. You can read my full review here. Well, Baby Deedee has agreed to give all my readers 20% off their entire order via this link. If you click there and place your order you will get 20% off, that’s pretty great because they don’t have sales. And what’s even better is they are sponsoring a giveaway. Scroll through all the cute pictures of Luki in his Sleepsie and enter for your chance to win! Continue reading Comfiest contest

Batman Unlimited

I don’t know what it is about Batman that stands the test of time. But he has been one of the most beloved super heros since he was first introduced by DC Comics in 1939. It’s also interesting to note that Batman doesn’t have any special powers, he relies on his intellect and great physical shape to help him fight crime. Every generation seems to have their own version of Batman. Continue reading Batman Unlimited

Feed Your Baby Right

Sponsored Post by Lunchbox

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to our family. Smith Family and BellyThis bundle of joy could come any day. With this addition will come sleepless nights, late night feedings and an adjustment period for our family. As she has done with our other 4 children, my wife will breastfeed for as long as she is able. There is little debate among pediatricians that breastfeeding is best for babies. But what happens if or when mom can’t breastfeed? Fortunately for women who cannot breastfeed, there are many options of formula. Continue reading Feed Your Baby Right

My Kids Were Framed

I have teamed up with to bring you one of my best giveaways to date. One of my lucky readers will win a 16×20 framed photo with 2.5 inch mat. You are going to love this! CanvasPop sent me one to review.

The hardest thing was to try and decide which of my hundreds of pictures I wanted to immortalize. I finally decided I would go with a picture that I took of my two oldest boys at one of their very first University of Florida Gator football games. I thought this would be something they could cherish for a long time and could have in their room.

Ordering was super easy, I emailed them my photo and told them the color frame I wanted. I was a little bit concerned that the picture I was sending them was taken with my iPhone. I didn’t want it to look too pixelated when enlarged but it looks great. They even sent me a digital proof to look over before they mailed it out. Everything looked fantastic!

Canvas Pop Preview

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the framed picture was significantly larger than I was imagining. The dimensions are of the photo on the inside, so the mat and the frame add to the size. I was pleasantly surprised. Here is a picture of the frame sitting on our coloring table.

The next thing I started to notice was how they seemed to pay attention to every detail. The wire used for hanging in the back is plastic coated. So even though the frame has a little bit of weight to it, it didn’t dig into my hands if I picked it up by the wire.

The mat had a small beveled edge on the inside, it’s not just cut square. That adds a nice touch.

The back had a paper backing glued on to give it a very professional and finished look. I appreciated the detail they put into the back of the frame that no one was ever going to see.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased about this wonderful new addition to my boys’ room and I hope they grow up with fond memories of Gator football.  I’m  excited that one of you will get to win one of these fantastic 16×20 framed photos. If you want to enter just click on the image below:

Canvas Pop Giveaway

If you don’t win, don’t lose heart. They are offering my readers 35% off your entire order through November 30, 2015. Just use code SUNSHINEDAD35 and check out all the other options they have here. They specialize in printing from social media including Facebook and Instagram.  I know of at least one big holiday coming up where a framed photo could make the perfect gift. I’m talking about Christmas just in case you didn’t pick up on that.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week. A big thank you to CanvasPop for sponsoring this giveaway and good luck to all of you entering. After you enter above please give me a click here to vote for me as a Top Dad Blogger. It’s because of all your votes I’m able to bring you sweet giveaways like this. Thank you.

Chalk It Up As A Win

I have mentioned several times that I am a big fan of the chalk board and the dry erase board around the house. I need a calendar to keep myself organized. Yes, I have one on my phone but it doesn’t quite replace an old fashioned wall calendar. I have been through quite a few packs of dry erase markers and I’m always disappointed with how they write after a couple months. The perfect answer to my problem was a product I didn’t even know existed: Liquid Chalk Markers by Chalkola. Continue reading Chalk It Up As A Win

How do you Stack Up?

When we first got married my wife worked for one year as an elementary school PE teacher. One of their units was all about cup stacking. I grew up playing and excelling in sports. I loved PE; it was my favorite subject every year from Kindergarten to Senior year of High School. (For the record, I did really love Drama too) But I had never heard of stacking cups and it seemed pretty silly to me. Continue reading How do you Stack Up?