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We Cleaned House

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more excited than cleaning. I love unwinding after a tough day by doing a little cleaning. OK, fine, that’s a total lie. I hate cleaning. I hate it with a passion. But the reality is, unless you want to live in a pile of filth, cleaning is a necessary part of life.

Cleaners need to have a delicate balance. A cleaner needs to have more cleaning power than water but be less toxic than acid. Continue reading We Cleaned House

It’s time for the Flip Flops again

Summer is finally here! Well it was yesterday, now it’s winter again today. Seems to be a bunch of wild weather and temperature swings across the country in the past few days. Today has dipped into a very windy and chilly day in the 50s, but the past several days have been beautiful around here and got upwards of 80 degrees.

And when the weather gets that nice, it’s time for me to break out the flip flops. I essentially wear sandals for 9 months out of the year here in Florida. I don’t have anything against closed toed shoes but when it’s hot I want my feet to be cool. Plus, sandals are easier to slip on as I’m running out the door with my flock of children. Continue reading It’s time for the Flip Flops again

50 roses $50, 365 days. Just Fresh Roses.

I know I don’t have to remind the ladies that Valentines Day is coming up but the guys might need a gentile reminder. So fellas, listen up. You have less than 3 weeks until Valentines Day. Don’t wait until the last minute and give her another coupon book good for “take out the trash without complaining” and “10 minute back massage.” That was fine to give your mom when you were 7 but you’re in the big league now. It’s time to step up and give flowers! Continue reading 50 roses $50, 365 days. Just Fresh Roses.

Fall in Love With your Favorite Shirt Again

Years ago before I was married to my wife she went on a trip to Europe and brought me back a nice button-up collared shirt. It was a neat shirt with a cool pattern. The only problem was I never thought it looked very good on me and every time I put it on to wear it I ended up taking it off because I thought it fit me funny. But nearly 15 years later I still have it in my closet because I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It holds a special memory for me even though it’s sadly not getting any use.

Well, little did I know, I was about to find a new way to love that old shirt. Continue reading Fall in Love With your Favorite Shirt Again