Chalk It Up As A Win

I have mentioned several times that I am a big fan of the chalk board and the dry erase board around the house. I need a calendar to keep myself organized. Yes, I have one on my phone but it doesn’t quite replace an old fashioned wall calendar. I have been through quite a few packs of dry erase markers and I’m always disappointed with how they write after a couple months. The perfect answer to my problem was a product I didn’t even know existed: Liquid Chalk Markers by Chalkola.

They have a pretty sweet video which is too good not to share with you:

Pretty intense video huh? Well these are pretty intense chalkboard markers. I had heard of wet wipe markers before, obviously, but I had never heard of a marker that could also write on chalk boards. I was blown away. The liquid chalk goes on very smoothly and brightly and dries quickly. I had no issues wiping it off any of the surfaces I tried it on.

Chalk markers as a medium have high density chalk ink, due to which, new markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time ; once used the ink flows  smoothly. The tip has to be “pumped” so to speak, to initially get the ink flowing. This was actually a benefit for me because I’m always annoyed by how my old dry erase markers weren’t writing dark enough. Now if I need more ink I can just press the tip in and get more ink instantly. My little kids decided to try out the markers for a little art project and they decided they liked pumping the tips too. Ink flowed all over their hands and clothes. To my surprise the ink effortlessly washed off their hands (even after it was dry) and also out of their clothes.

The markers are only for use on non porous surfaces. So it’s best to test a small area first just in case. Or if you want to throw caution to the wind you can just give them to your kids like I did and hope they don’t ruin the house!

Chalkola has also just released a set of larger markers:

chalkola 15mm

This larger set is ideal for teachers in the classroom when they have a large chalkboard. Either size is great for DIY projects, crafters or just kids wanting to branch out from the traditional marker, paints and crayons.

You can find the markers here at Amazon US & Amazon UK and if you want the larger markers you can find them here at Amazon.

Chalkola is offering 20% off to my readers, just use CHALK20A at checkout on Amazon for the discount. The holidays are right around the corner and this could make a fun gift for someone on your list. If you go to amazon and scroll down to the comments section you can also see some videos and pictures of some really neat artwork made using these Liquid Chalk Markers. I’m not nearly as artistic as many of those people so I’m not going to bother posting any pictures I drew.

Give these a try and see what fun things you can do with them.

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