Coffee Addict?

I was late to the coffee party. My dad drank one cup of instant black coffee every morning and my mom never touched the stuff. A few sips of my dad’s coffee as a child effectively turned me off to the stuff. But then in my late 20s something happened.  I had a job where there was always a fresh pot of coffee right in front of me.

Curiosity, boredom, the chilly weather…whatever it was, I eventually decided to give  coffee another shot.  Nearly a 1-to-1 ratio of coffee to creamer and 4 sugar packets later I had created something I was able to drink.  Within the year I was down to 2 sugars and a slightly above average amount of creamer.  Fast forward half a decade and I dropped sugar altogether but have kept a healthy dose of creamer.

Now when I say creamer I don’t mean milk or half-n-half or any type of powder. I mean flavored liquid creamer.  You know the kind, the kind where the ingredients on the back make you wonder if the stuff is even safe to drink cause it reads like the list from a science experiment.  At this point I don’t care anymore.  The caffeine’s got me and any other creamer just makes my cup of coffee taste like old motor oil.

When my kids are up before the sun and bouncing off the walls, coffee is my friend.  Well, actually creamer is my friend, coffee is my requirement.  Maybe I’ll write a few companies and see if they’ll just make caffeinated creamer and I can skip the coffee altogether.

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26 thoughts on “Coffee Addict?”

  1. I was so late to the coffee party, still never joined it. They almost didn’t allow this non coffee drinker to move to Seattle. But, I still get my AM jolt from a strong cuppa tea. Two per mornings usually gets the tasks completed the kid out the door to school.

  2. I like my coffee like I like my men…. blonde and sweet. I’d be in the market for creamer with caffeine. Skip all the formality!

  3. I struggle with coffee, but give me a cappuccino (english toffee is my FAV!) or a latte, and I’m all over it. If I have to have coffee, I, too, drown it in that wonderful creamer.

  4. I never drank coffee at all until I had children and like you it was my go to drink when my children were bouncing off walls too. The smell alone is comforting; I only enjoy good old instant coffee (Nescafe) and drink it black.

    Now the children are teenagers they complain that I’m the one bouncing off walls and that’s before I’ve had my coffee!…What goes around comes around and I don’t doubt it for a moment….

  5. Being Italian I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember as there was always “black coffee” around (Espresso). However, I cannot drink regular coffee without a TON of creamer in it! If I had my way I would be at Starbucks three times a day for an Iced Caramel Macchiato! YUM!

    Thank you for joining us and linking up to Party Under the Big Top! Hope to see you again next time!

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

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      1. Thank you but it is my pleasure to be hosting the linky as I truly enjoy reading all of the different blog posts. It does sound good right about now. After I wrote that I called my Mom and asked her to take me to Starbucks on her lunch break, only because I can not drive due to the disease in my feet. lol

  6. I’m the exact opposite. I’m Cuban-American, so I was practically given cafecito shots in my bottle as a kid. I’ve actually toned it down from the daily 3-4 cafecito shots to 2 cups of coffee in the morning, because spending my day with the shakes just wasn’t working for me anymore.

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