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As some of you know, when I’m not watching my kids I really enjoy performing with my improv comedy group Mad Cowford.  Our group puts on a show every Friday night in downtown Jacksonville, Florida at the Hourglass Pub. Shows start at 7:30 if you ever want to drop in. In addition to our regular Friday night show, we also do some special events here and there.

One of the biggest shows we put on every year is our Comedy for Critters show. We raise money to help local shelter animals. This is our 10th year putting on this benefit show and last year we raised more than $10,000! It’s always a lot of fun and it helps support a good cause. This year’s show is being held at Hotel Indigo on April 9th at 8:15pm.

One of the ways we raise money is to hold a silent auction. The group approached me about the idea of Sunshine Dad getting together a package of items that had been reviewed on the blog for the auction. I was happy to oblige and reached out to some of the great brands I had previously worked with. Due to the generosity of some great companies, we have been able to put together a pretty sweet package for the auction.

Here are the companies that donated to the Sunshine Dad auction package:



They were generous enough to donate several dozen iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S6  battery charger cases. A few months back I had the chance to review a 1byOne smart car jump starter and I really loved it. Since then I actually had a situation where my car battery died (without me running it down on purpose) and the jumper saved the day. I can’t recommend their Smart Jump Starter enough.

Key Smart


Key Smart is a system for your keys that eliminates the bulky and awkward key ring and turns you keys into something that resembles a swiss army knife. I reviewed key smart a while back and I fell in love. I still have my keys on my key smart frame and I’ll never go back to the stone aged way of carrying my keys again.

Babysteps Scratch Off Calendar

babystepsThis was another product I reviewed a while back.  It’s a fun scratch-off calendar that counts down the days until your baby’s due date. It’s a fun and creative way to wait for your bundle of joy to arrive. It also makes for a great gift at any baby shower.

Six Pack Fitness


This is a product that I actually haven’t formally reviewed yet. My review will be upcoming in a couple weeks. Six Pack Fitness is a company that is dedicated to fitness and nutrition. They have designed innovative gear, bags and luggage with the nutrition focused athlete in mind. Their bags are specifically designed to contain a set number of meals and drinks for the fitness enthusiast on the go. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: their gear is also perfect for a parent on the go with their children! What better way to keep everyone’s lunch organized for a trip to the beach or zoo.

I am so grateful for everyone who has donated to this cause and I hope all of my readers get a chance to check out these great products and maybe even some of you can get over to our show for some laughs. I wish you all a great week!



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