What direction are your kids headed?

It’s always been interesting to me how different my kids are. They each have the same biological parents and have each been raised together but they are all just as unique as they can be.  As I got to thinking about it the other day I realized they were each like a point on a compass pointing their own direction. That of course got me to contemplating which kid was which point. After thinking about it, it seemed very obvious who was North, South, East & West. 




Our first born fits the bill for the East perfectly. The East is where the first settlers from Europe landed. It’s where the head of our government is located and it’s generally considered the foundation of America.  Cooper is the oldest and is a natural leader. You could say he was the first kid and it was him we built our parenting foundation upon.




The Wild West and home to Hollywood, the drama capital of the world. This couldn’t depict Greyson any better. He is a wild and crazy guy who is full of drama and excitement. He can be as wonderful as the giant Redwood Forest or as crazy as Vegas. You never know what you are going to get with this kid. I can’t imagine what our family would be like without his excitement.




People in the North are very driven. They are goal oriented and sometimes bossy.  This is our sweet but sassy Ela. She has no problem pushing her older brothers out of the way to get what she wants and she stands up for herself when she needs to.  When she gets her mind set on something that she wants, she is relentless to get it. As the only girl, she is a great compliment to our family.




The South has a certain laid back slower way about it. Our fourth child, Lukasz, is about as laid back and easy going of a boy as you’ll ever meet. He is content to just relax by himself and watch all the action. And he is just as sweet as a tall glass of famous southern sweet tea. He has turned out to be exactly the type of kid you need for your fourth.


It will be interesting to look back in a few years and see if anything has changed or if my generalizations still hold true. So how about your kids? Do you think of your kids as being more alike or more different? What direction are you?

All photos by Remember These Things Photography  


19 thoughts on “What direction are your kids headed?”

    1. Northwest! I love it. Now to clarify, are you combining elements from my description of North & West? Or are you thinking of your own description of the Seattle/Portland area?

  1. This post got me thinking about me, my brother and 2 sisters. I’ve never really thought about it before but we are all very different too. I’m not sure which direction we all would be but I guess it all comes down to everyone having their own temperament. Even though we are raised in the same environment we are just meant to be different, I reckon.

  2. Love this! We also have 3 boys and a girl. our daughter is the eldest and most certainly North! Great post!

  3. Beautiful children and a very thoughtful post. Im sure when they are older they will really appreciate the fact that you noticed and celebrated their differences!

  4. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous Mike! They all sound as precious as they look too! I must say though, from all you have written about your kids Mr. Greyson is one of my most favorite kids in the world! 😉

    Looking alike and having me as their Mom are the only two things my kids have in common (I’m sure there is more but right now can’t think of any.) They are all so very different from one another. When frustrated with the “teens” I often ask how two girls, only 19 months apart, growing up the same exact house, with the same exact parents can be so very different in so many ways!

    Oh, and I think I’m a little bit of every description you described above… LOL Seriously because I’m “as sweet as a tall glass of famous southern sweet tea,” I’m incredibly driven and stand-up for myself when necessary, I have a little bit of a Wild Wild West side at times (probably why I dig Greyson), and as the oldest of four kids myself I’m a little bit of East too as I have always been the leader type in every aspect of life!

    So… Which one are you? You asked all of us yet I didn’t see where you shared what direction you thought you were?!?! YES… I totally just called you out on your blog! Bwahahaha! 😉


    1. Oh! You did just call me out! Haha. I’d have to say I’m a South Eastern guy. The oldest of two, I was a bit of the leader but I’m so laid back too. Definitely NOT northern and I guess I might have a slight Wild West Streak running through me too 🙂

      1. Since it’s after midnight there Happy April Fool’s Day and I promise not to prank you if you don’t prank me… Deal?!?! From what I can tell about you you’re definitely a Southeastern kind of dude for sure! I love how you say you are NOT northern. Haha. I think we all have a little bit of a Wild West Streak in us we just may not show it as often as others do! 😉 xx Lysa

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