Countdown Until Your Baby Arrives in Style

As the days are counting down until our official due date we are getting excited and anxious to meet the little one. We have mostly just been looking at a regular calendar but I’d like to share with you a better (and more fun) way that you could count down the days until your due date.

Baby Steps

The BabySteps Scratch-off Calendar is a fun way to mark off the days until you are due. Everyday you get to scratch off the date and you are given an entertaining fact, tip or piece of trivia related to parenting, babies or pregnancy.


It would make a wonderful gift at a baby shower and the box it comes in is so cute that you could probably get away without wrapping it. Just put a bow on top. This would be great for a first time parent or could be fun for kids to count down the days until their younger sibling arrives.


They are manufactured by Splash Brands out of Germany. The easiest way to purchase one is here at Amazon and you can also check them out here on Facebook.  It is a neat idea and would make a perfect gift for any expectant parent.

Daddy Decides Gender

Splash Brands sent me a calendar to review but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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