Dad, I Made a Bad Choice

The night started off like any other. Our routine consisted of bath time followed by dinner. We finished off with story time then brushed teeth. Prayers had been said, lights were out and heads were quietly on pillows by 7:30pm. It was as smooth of an evening as we’ve ever had.

It had been a long day and I guess the kids were as tired as I was. I had been Game of Thrones marathoning (which was really cutting into my blogging time last week) and I decided to watch an episode before cleaning up the kitchen.

I plopped into my la-z-boy and watched an entire episode without incident. As I was sitting there, giving myself a mental pep talk about cleaning up the kitchen, I heard a faint voice. “Dad, I made a bad choice. I made a mess.”

I immediately recognized the voice as my 2 year old daughter. Whatever she did, she had done in complete silence. There is a monitor in her room and the speaker was just a few feet away from me and I never hear a sound.

My mind was racing. The last time she quietly made a mess in her room she tried to change her own dirty diaper. I really wasn’t in the mood to have to scrub poop off the walls again.

I got to her door. There she was, standing in a cloud of dust, covered from head to toe in white powder. I looked around her room. A thin white layer covered everything. Her bed. The carpet. The chair. All her stuffed animals. The dresser.

She had pulled out the drawers to her dresser and used them as steps to climb up and get into the cabinet on top. There was apparently a full bottle of baby powder up there. Now there was an empty bottle of baby powder on the floor.

I didn’t think “Hey this will be funny later.” So, unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture. It’s been about 4 days and her room is still baby powder fresh. I’ve vaccuumed a few times and used wet wipes but you can still taste it when you walk in there.

I guess there are plenty of worse smells than baby powder that could be coming out of a child’s bedroom. I’ll look at this one as “half full.”

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13 thoughts on “Dad, I Made a Bad Choice”

  1. OH!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I can imagine your shock in seeing the room “white with snow” but hey, as you say, on the upside it will smell like baby powder probably until she graduates high school!
    And LOL about her changing her own diaper!
    Have a great start to your week and hope you can finish your Game of Thrones marathon soon!

  2. Hey, it has to be better than that diaper changing mishap from the past, right? I’d say that’s a totally full glass compared to crap on the walls! I’m assuming your vacuum now smells like powder, huh?

    1. Oh yeah, as annoying as it was, it was a thousand times better than the diaper changing incident! Yes, the vacuum definitely has a powdery fresh scent to it now.

  3. Oh man what a mess that must have been and sounds like it still kinda is. What a smart little girl to use the drawers as steps though. My almost 16 year old did the diaper changing thing at that age and I’ll never forget how horrific it was as long as I live!

    Hope the baby fresh powder scent goes away soon!


    1. It’s surprisingly challenging to get off of stuff and it has been powder fresh in there for a long time 🙂 the smell isn’t so bad, way better than when she tried to change her own diaper!! Lol
      I hope you’re doing well.

      1. I can only imagine how challenging it is to get off of everything. Thinking about it again makes me laugh though. But so sure I would have been laughing if it would have been one if my kiddos. Ha!

        I am hanging in there thanks for the well wishes.


  4. ha ha, i read this as i am currently preparing a baby powder prank on my toddler that is going to cover a large portion of whatever room i do it in in baby powder 😀 and it’s going to be fantastic!!

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