Day at the Doctor

Trips to the doctor’s office are always unpredictable.  Thankfully today was one of those days where my wife had off and I didn’t have to take all the kids in with me.  The two youngest had well-checks so I tossed some extra snacks into my bag and off we went.  Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way…that’s going to mess up nap times later.  After checking in and clearing up an issue where they got one of my other kids mixed up with another child on a previous visit I head to the waiting room.  The waiting room is always a special adventure.  I sit there like a fly on the wall while the moms carry on with their motherhood conversations.  Today’s topic of conversation was public breastfeeding.

One mom is talking about how she can’t believe people are offended by breastfeeding since it’s a natural part of life another mom cuts her off to declare that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she feeds when and where she wants. This mom gets cut off by a mom saying “Me too.” Then the first mom cut her off to tell everyone about her child’s breastfeeding schedule and how he “snacks” a lot when they stay home. All the other moms have something to interject into this conversation. My head starts to hurt. I seem to be invisible to them.

I look up to see another dad come in with his kid. Maybe I can strike up a conversation with him. I look in his direction waiting to give him the ‘silent nod’ thereby signaling in bro-code I’m available for small talk.  He never glances at me, bummer. I watch him interact with his kid. I judge him, we wouldn’t be friends. He gets called before me.  I hear him tell the nurse he had to come because his wife is sick.  Slowly the waiting room clears out, now it’s just me and my kids.  We’re finally called in.

The kids get weighed and we settle into our exam room.  The Dr. came in surprisingly quickly, my 2 year old is very chatty with her.  My 8 month old just wants to put her stethoscope in his mouth.  Fairly straightforward check-up. Both kids need shots.  I have been preparing my 2 year old all morning for her shots and I remind her once again that it’s going to “hurt for just a second, then be ok.” Plus I show her the lollipop she’ll get when it’s over.  I think the only part that registered to her was lollipop.

The nurse comes in to administer the shots. I put my daughter in my lap and hold her hands.  The nurse sticks her twice and she starts to cry a pitiful whimpering kind of cry.  I tell her she was so brave and give her the lollipop. All seems to be ok again in her world.  Next up is Luki, he has no idea what’s going on.  He starts screaming after his shots. I give him his pacifier, that helps a lot but he’s still not that happy about what just went down.

A quick checkout and we’re on our way home.  All in all, it was a fairly routine trip to the doctor. Let’s hope I can say the same for the rest of the day.

If you could take 30 seconds and give me your thoughts about what you just read, I'd be grateful!