Dear Summer, I miss you!

Dear Summer,

I’m sorry that sometimes I complained about you being too hot. I was just kidding. I really miss the beach. I miss being almost tan. I miss teaching my boys how to ride on a boogie board. I miss getting sand all in my car after spending hours at the beach. Ok, wait a minute, disregard that last part. I hate that last part.

I miss setting up water sprinklers for the kids in the back yard. I miss taking the kids to the pool and teaching them how to swim and watching their progress as they become stronger swimmers. I miss having to eat ice cream cones fast because they are melting. I miss getting to wear flip flops everyday. I miss getting to have lazy mornings every day because no one has to get to school.

I miss family vacations. I miss it being light out until 7pm. I miss warm evenings outside with friends. I miss fireflies.  I miss coolers filled with ice. Please come soon, there are so many fun things that I miss doing with my kids in the warm weather. Winter is fun and all, for about a week. Now it’s time to get back to the warmth.

Thank you for your understanding and quick return,


Sunshine Dad

P.S. I’ve enclosed some pictures and a video so you can remember how much fun we had together.


Here is Greyson learning to catch a wave.

wave catching


Here is Cooper catching a ride.

shore break


Here are the boys going on a tandem run.

tandem boogie boarding


And this is how we like to bathe in the summer! 🙂

What do you miss about the summer?

20 thoughts on “Dear Summer, I miss you!”

  1. I loved this post! I live in Arizona and get a lot of grief for complaining about the winter. But it is cold to me… We light fires in our fireplace and my family back east makes fun of me on Facebook as it’s only in the 50s or 60s. But summertime is so much fun. Even the fall and spring but winter time just drags on and on and on! I just want to be out on the lake or outside period! I completely feel your pain. Let’s pray that Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow in a few weeks!


  2. Ok so could you please install a third swing in that swing set? I would love to take on that sprinkler on a hot summer day! What joy in their laughter!!
    And yes, I miss the summer for the sun setting late in the evening, the warm breeze blowing through the windows and the fresh tomatoes from the market, juicy and ripe from the sun…
    How many more days till summer? I’m done with the cold…. Your post today made me dream…

  3. I’ve always considered myself a an All Seasons type of guy but the combination of the cold weather today and your love letter to summer has me wishing for the summertime. I definitely miss the extra hours of daylight. I can’t stand going to and coming home from work when it is dark. Becoming a father has made me appreciate summer even more. The quality time with the kids is just so much easier to come by in the summertime. Great post but one piece of advice… if Summer doesn’t hurry back maybe you should try playing hard to get… if I know summer like I think I do she likes a challenge… 😉

  4. Nice post. Wish we could bring back the warm weather. As a native of the Chicago area, I will tell you winters aren’t too much fun. We get the snow and all that, but usually it is too cold to enjoy any significant time outside.

  5. I enjoyed winter when I was younger. Now I loathe it. Summer can’t come soon enough. Your post brought me to a place where the sun is hot and the beer is cold. Then I looked outside and was reminded that it’s January and I live in Canada. Uh.

  6. When I was younger I used to hate winter but the older I get the less I hate it. I spent too much time in the sunshine and now I’m paying for it. I like your post and who is this Dashboard Dad you talk about?

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