Diaper Backpack

I needed to go get my daughter’s birth certificate today. She’s about to turn 4 and somehow I hadn’t needed it up until now. But now I did need it, so I figured I’d load up the crew and go get it. I would also get the two younger boys’ birth certificates as well since I’d already be there.

I told my daughter and 2 year old son to put some stuff into their backpacks. I didn’t know how long we might have to wait at the Health Department so I wanted them to have a few toys to play with. I didn’t check what they loaded their backpacks with. Rookie mistake.

When we got to the Health Department I made the 3 kids sit in the triple stroller so I didn’t have to worry about them running all over the place. I rolled them into the waiting room and began to fill out the required paperwork. I told them to get out their toys from their backpacks and play with them. My daughter got out her dolls and was playing with them, but my son got out 3 golf balls and proceeded to drop them onto the 9 month old. I got onto him a little bit.

My daughter requested a snack, so I obliged her with my prepared ziplock bag of goldfish, animal crackers and craisins. Of course, upon seeing this my son wanted some too. I continued to fill out the paperwork for 3 birth certificates while they stuffed their faces. It wasn’t too long and we got called to go up. The kids were enjoying talking to the lady behind the counter and she seemed mildly content to occasionally engage them back as well.

At some point I encouraged them to play with their toys again and let the woman do her job. My daughter looked at me and informed me that all my son had really brought in his backpack beside those 3 golf balls was a bunch of diapers. I checked, sure enough, he had a backpack full of diapers and a baby blanket. I shook my head and laughed at him. What was he doing? Why did he pack that? He doesn’t wear diapers. Like so many things a 2 year old does, it didn’t make sense. I quickly forgot about the whole thing.

Later that night after the kids had gone to bed, I was straightening up around the house. I came across his diaper filled pack and I started wondering all over again why he filled his pack with diapers, it made no sense to me. Then as I was continuing to put things away I picked up my own backpack/diaper bag and it hit me!

He was packing his backpack to be like me! At the same time when I told them to pack their backpacks I was getting my pack in order too. He was watching his dad and he had packed his own diaper bag for his younger brother. That also explains why he was giving the baby the golf balls. He had packed the only small balls he could find because he thought those would be good for a baby to play with. It also easily explained the baby blanket.

It warmed my heart that he wanted to be like me and served as a great reminder that my kids are always watching me, even when I don’t realize it. I need to make sure I’m being the best example for them I can be. I need to make sure I’m living the way I want them to live. It was a great reminder.

Now hopefully he doesn’t try to copy me on my Costanza Wallet. Hopefully he’ll be smart and get himself a SlimJIMMY . It’s an amazing slim wallet that can  hold up to 12 cards and not throw your back out of alignment. It can be found now on Kickstarter, check it out.SlimJIMMY

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