DIY Pallet project

DIY: Centerpiece

Two Thanksgivings ago we were all set to host some friends and family for a Thanksgiving dinner. We were about an hour away from the guests arrival when my wife turned to me and said “Could you please build me a centerpiece?” All I could think about was the guests would be arriving soon and I didn’t want to get all dirty. I protested, but it was of little use. She “needed” that centerpiece. She shared with me her vision and off I went.

I had a pretty good selection of pallet boards to choose from at the time and I picked out two I thought would work best for this project. Here was the disassembled pallets I had to work with:


I began by selecting a thicker board for the base and a slightly wider board for the sides. I made my measurements and then made my cuts. The first thing that immediately stood out to me that I hadn’t considered was that the ends with the fresh cuts looked out of place with the rest of the board. I had to rub some dirt onto the freshly cut ends to make them look weathered to match.

Once that was taken care of, I took some old nails I had saved when dismantling the pallets and nailed the boards together to create a trough. We added in some old spaghetti sauce jars we had saved and put some fresh cut flowers in the jars. It really was one of the simplest projects I’ve ever done and we got a lot of compliments at dinner. The best part is, this can work for any occasion, you just substitute in whatever flowers are in season and it always looks appropriate. We have even used candles.


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