DIY: Wall Sconce

A while back my wife told me she had an idea for a pallet project. She said she was going to run to Walmart and would be back soon. She returned with the following items: A 1 gallon decorative ball mason jar, a candle, some wire and a curtain rod holder. She explained to me she wanted to create a wall sconce using these items and some pallet boards.


I let her explain her vision then I got to work measuring out some boards. I then cut and sanded the boards and screwed them together using my Kreg Jig. Next, I attached the curtain rod holder to the backboard I just created.


She took the wire, wrapped it around the top of the jar a few times and created a loop handle.  We were then able to hang the jar on the hook. Then she stuck the candle inside the jar.



After I made the first one, I walked her through how to make a second backboard. We now had 2 sconces and after I put a hanging bracket on the back we were ready to mount them inside.  We decided to hang them on either side of our mirror over our couch.



She also decided to add some decorative vines into the jar around the base of the candle.


We debated if we wanted to stain the board or not. Ultimately we decided to leave it natural. Here is what they look like with the candles lit.



We are proud of our project. She occasionally swaps out the candles and the extra decorations inside the jar. We also got some flameless candles on timers to put in there for safety.  Around Christmas we add some cranberries in the bottom.


In the summer we add sand and sea shells to make a beachy theme:

DIY Wall Sconce Pallets Beach

My wife even found some cute little wooden fish to hook on.

DIY Beach Wall Sconce Pallets Fish

What do you think? Think you could make this? Have any projects you’re proud of that you’d like to share?


9 thoughts on “DIY: Wall Sconce”

  1. That is pretty creative… I don’t have one ounce of creativity in me. I know I could make stuff like that, but I would have to steal your ideas, I am unable to come up with ideas like that on my own.

    1. You may notice my first sentence clearly spells out that my wife had the idea. 🙂 She is always coming up with something. I have a few every now and again but they seem to come easier to her.

      Steal away with the ideas!!

  2. Cool idea! I love my krieg jig, to bad I don’t have time to use it as much as I’d like. I have a ton of pins I want to get to someday, lets see if I do. Nice blog too!

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