End an Era on the Right Foot

Earlier this week marked the official end of an era around here. I started my first full time job since 2009, thus my days as a stay-at-home dad have come to an end. I am working at a local Marriott Resort and my official title is Recreation Supervisor. Of course if you had listened to the Dad Bros podcast the other night you would already know all this.

How did my first day go? Well I’m glad you asked. Prior to going in I was told to wear “resort casual” attire and not to worry about it too much because they were going to provide shirts and pants/shorts for me to wear. All I needed to do was wear comfortable black shoes and a black belt and they were going to cover the rest.

I combed through my closet looking for a black shoe that wasn’t a dress shoe. There in the back of my closet were a pair of casual Nike’s that I have had for at least a decade but haven’t worn for several years. I knew those would come in handy one day.

On my first day, I headed to the HR department to fill out some first day paper work. I met with the HR person and answered some questions, provided some ID then I had to fill out and sign some papers. About half way through the paper work I feel like something is stuck to my shoe. I tried to shake it off my foot. I tried to rub it off on the floor. Nothing seems to be working.

Finally I gave up and decided I needed to look and see what was going on down at my feet. To my horror I saw that the sole of my shoe was separating from the rest of my shoe on my heel. Oh no! What was I going to do? I finished my paperwork and handed it in making some comment to the HR person that my shoe was having some technical difficulty. She didn’t know how to respond but it didn’t matter because here came another person who was going to show me around today.

As soon as we got outside of the HR room I pulled her aside and said “I’ve got a bit of an embarrassing issue. My shoe is falling apart.” She seemed to take it in stride and told me most of what we had to do today would be in an office at a computer so it shouldn’t matter much. Alright then, we proceeded to walk to the office. By the time we got to the office the sole of my shoe was now separated at the toe as well. So only a small piece in the middle was still attached.

I proceeded to fill out some more stuff on the computer and before long my entire sole had fallen off. I just picked it up and threw it in the trash. Now my right foot is just wrapped in a shell of a shoe. As I finished up the paperwork she said to me “Well I was going to give you a tour but because of your shoe issue I guess we’ll do that another time.” I should have simply looked at her and said “Thanks” but unfortunately I didn’t.

I looked at her and said “Well my sole has already completely fallen off, it can’t get any worse. We might as well go ahead and take the tour.” So off we go. My left leg about an inch longer than my right, thanks to the extra sole. I’m trying my hardest not to walk with a crazy gimp-step due to the discrepancy in height.

We make it out to the pool area when it starts to rain. We take shelter for a few minutes and she gets the idea to go borrow an umbrella from the front lobby desk so we can continue the tour. So while I’m waiting for her to return I happen to look down and notice my left shoe is also starting to separate from the sole at the heel. So much for it not getting any worse.

She returns with the umbrella and off we continue on the tour. It doesn’t take long before my right foot is completely soaked. The rain puddles that we are walking through are just going straight up into my right sock since it doesn’t have a sole. A few moments later I also realize that the toe of my left sole is beginning to separate also.

Not wanting the entire sole of my left foot to flop off my foot I decided to modify my step a bit to reduce the bending that my foot was imparting to my shoe. I barely bent my left leg as I stepped and sort of shuffled my shoe along hoping the sole would stay intact.

Get this image in your head. I was walking with my left knee straight, shuffling my shoe along the ground. All the while, every time I stepped with my right foot, I stepped down an inch further because that shoe didn’t have a sole. That gave me a weird hobble and now every step I took I also left behind a soggy wet footprint of my right foot which was completely saturated from the rain.

I might need to try and get my hands on the footage of the Marriott lobby security camera. I must have been quite the sight. We finally wrapped up the tour of the property and I was able to go home for the day. Within the hour I had purchased myself a new pair of black shoes.

Here’s hoping my second day is better. “It can’t get any worse!”


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