Fall in Love With your Favorite Shirt Again

Years ago before I was married to my wife she went on a trip to Europe and brought me back a nice button-up collared shirt. It was a neat shirt with a cool pattern. The only problem was I never thought it looked very good on me and every time I put it on to wear it I ended up taking it off because I thought it fit me funny. But nearly 15 years later I still have it in my closet because I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It holds a special memory for me even though it’s sadly not getting any use.

Well, little did I know, I was about to find a new way to love that old shirt. Petite Marin is a new company that will take your old shirt and turn it into something new for your child to wear. When they contacted me, it didn’t take me long to know which shirt I wanted to send them. Rather than just taking up space on a hanger for the next 15 years, I knew I wanted to give life to that old shirt that I had grown to love.

They sent me a self addressed mail bag and I shipped them back my shirt. They kept me updated about the progress along the way and before I knew it they had sent me back an awesome romper made out of my old shirt.

If you look closely on the left leg above you can see they even left the shirt pocket on! I love that! The whole thing is very well made and superb quality. I love that the seams and buttons are reinforced.

I put it on my little model and let him go. He seemed to enjoy posing for the camera.


They are having a Kickstarter campaign right now, you can head over and help support them at their big launch.  They have been working with an American sew shop for nearly 2 years to streamline their process and they are ready for their official launch! Go check them out and help spread the word. It feels like a win-win anytime you can recycle and end up with a family treasure.

On an unrelated side note, it might be time he got a hair cut.  

Here is their video:

Thanks to Petite Marin for letting me review their awesome service and thanks to you guys for stopping by today. I hope you have recovered from Thanksgiving. I think we’ve still got another 2 days of leftovers before we’re done. If you can think of it, after you head over to Kickstarter would you come back and give me a click here to vote for me as a top dad blogger. Thanks and have a great rest of your week.

6 thoughts on “Fall in Love With your Favorite Shirt Again”

  1. This is an awesome concept! Thank you for sharing this company. I absolutely love hearing innovative ideas like this one, I also value how much meaning is preserved when passed down from generation to generation – very family friendly!

  2. This is a genius idea! I have so many old dresses and other clothes items that I can’t bear to part with though they’re no longer wearable !! Cute pics to of the final product made from your special shirt !

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