Family Vacation

I want my family to be able to go on a wonderful vacation. A long trip to Disney or maybe even a Disney Cruise would be a great option. A strategic road trip visiting zoos, aquariums and museums would also be lovely. Ten days is how long I would like this vacation to be, ten days seems like just the right amount of time. The perfect amount of time for my family to have a terrific vacation….without me.

That’s right, I said it. I want them to go without me. The reality is, it’s probably more accurate for me to say that I’d like about ten days to be alone in my own home. My days are so busy, so crazy, so hectic, I dream of being able to sleep in and being able to spend the day doing things I enjoy. Such as, going to the bathroom alone, eating without having to correct anyone about their manners, watching non-animated TV during daylight hours, walking out of a room and returning to find it isn’t a disaster, not having to change diapers and sitting down to relax at any time I wish.

I already have my ten days planned out. The first day I’ll sleep in until around noon. Then for the next 36 hours I’ll catch up on my favorite TV shows, eat cereal and stay in my pajamas. After that I’ll get started on some house projects. I’ll organize the garage, my closet, the office and the pantry, put up a shed and build a couple pieces of furniture.  Then I’ll round out my time with a round of golf.

Oh a dad can dream anyway. What would you do with your free time?

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7 thoughts on “Family Vacation”

  1. Yes, you can dream. And dream big!

    Like you, I’d focus first on sleeping. A lot. Then maybe go to a few movies, at the movies. We used to see about a movie a month. Now, we go out to see a movie about once a year.

  2. 10 days would be amazing! Right now I’d settle for 48 hours. I’d set my time up Home Alone style- happy at first but missing them in the end…

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