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It’s an idea I’ve had for a while but had a hard time motivating myself to actually do it: Create a yearbook for my family. A photo album book that would encapsulate one year of our lives. Thankfully Nowvel came along and offered me a chance to try out one of their books for free. Now if I could just motivate myself to make it!

Turns out I had gotten myself all worked up for no reason. It was super simple and intuitive to make. Nowvel makes it as easy as possible to get those pictures off your phone, computer, instagram account, facebook page, dropbox account or google+ page and into a beautiful book you can keep forever.

Nowvel Smith Yearbook

They have an iPhone app, an iPad app and you can make it on your web browser (including your android phone web browser). Once I downloaded the iPhone app and gave it access to my photos it started pre-making photobooks for me. It was actually quite interesting to see how it would take pictures from my camera album and group them into different book ideas based on trips I had taken or even based on years.

You are able to start with one of their pre-made books and make a few edits or you can start from scratch. I decided I wanted to make a yearbook of last year and I ended up adding photos from my phone, my computer and my facebook page to create a wonderful photo journey through 2015. I roughly used each page as a month with a few months getting doubles. Everything they did they designed to help you make your book as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

I couldn’t be more in love with this book. I’ve flipped through it at least 2 dozen times in the couple weeks since we’ve had it. I know the pictures I took of the book aren’t high definition photos but the book itself has amazing quality pictures and the pages are nice and thick. I won’t have to worry about my kids ripping the pages. You can’t beat the price, starting at $20 it’s an amazing value.

If you are interested in a larger book they just introduced some new books on their iPhone app this week: 11×11 Hard Cover, 8×8 Hard and Soft Cover and a 4×8 Soft Cover which features spill proof pages, which is perfect for the coffee table. I’m pretty sure I just started a new yearly family tradition.

Smith Family Yearbook

The best part of this whole thing is Nowvel is giving away a couple free photobooks to my lucky readers. Enter below for your chance to win.
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  1. This is awesome, I have been sitting on this one myself for awhile (basically because I’m a Android guy) and now this makes me want to hurry up and get one submitted!

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