Father’s Day Gift Guide & Giveaway

As Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I’m sure many of you are scrambling to think of ideas for your dad. Dad’s can be hard to shop for at times. So I have put together a list of a few items that you might not have considered. I’m also really excited that I’ll be giving away a couple of these items to a few lucky readers and I have a bunch of coupon codes for you as well.

1) Wish by Matthew Cordell

Wish - Matthew Cordell

I can’t say too many children’s books have brought me to tears but this one was really touching. It talks about all the hopes, dreams, anticipation and wishing parents do while they are wanting to have children. And then touches on the disappointment and heartache felt when that child never comes. The book thankfully ends with the jubilation of the child finally arriving. If your family had a difficult or challenging time conceiving then this would be an amazing and powerful gift for Father’s Day, especially if this happens to be his first Father’s Day. And if you’re a dad reading this, find a way to give this to your wife and write a note inside it for her. It will be one of the most treasured books she owns for the rest of her life. As a bonus Disney Publishing has agreed to give away 1 copy to a lucky reader so enter below if you’d like a chance to win.


2) Gifty Song

So this is one of the cooler ideas I’ve come across in a while. A husband and wife team will custom write and professionally produce a song tailored just for you. Check out a sample of some of the songs they have written and I highly recommend Chase You and Me, it’s so beautiful. They also have a musical video blog (or Vlog) where they improvise songs and sing quirky short bits.  Well, they decided to do an improved song based on one of my blog posts. So they read The Scary Truth About Kids’ Clothes and pumped out this amazing improvised work of performance art (Yes I know I might be a bit biased):

So if you’re asking yourself: “What can I get the guy who has everything?” Maybe he needs his own custom song! And obviously this could be a great gift for any number of other occasions as well. They have been generous to provide a $30 off coupon code to any of my readers. Code: Sunshine  (full disclosure, if you use that code I get a few dollars too)

3) Avarca Sandals

I know how us Americans love to wear styles and trends from Europe. And as summer is approaching your dad will be looking to keep his feet cool. What better way than with one of these cool sandals. Avarca Store

The Avarca Store began when Samuel, born and raised in Menorca (Spain), moved to New York to pursue his career in Manhattan. He grew up all his life wearing avarca sandals in Menorca. But once he moved in the USA he couldn’t find a shop to buy them. This was how everything began and he created The Avarca Store. The Avarca Store carries original avarcas menorquinas handmade in Spain with highest quality materials and craftsmanship. A very well kept secret from Menorca that now is spreading in the USA. These comfy and versatile slingback leather sandals are one of the hottest shoes of the summer and they are here stay. Stay comfy but in style. Get the avarca look in the summer! They have agreed to give away one pair of men’s sandals to one of my readers but that contest is being held over on my Instagram page so head over there and keep your eye out for more details.

4) Printastic

Printastic Photobook If you’re like me, you have approximately 12 billion photos on your phone. Ok, ok, that might be a bit high but I always have my phone in my pocket so I end up taking most of my pictures with my phone. That’s fine, except my phone is like a photo graveyard. Few pictures ever make it off my phone and even fewer make it to print. Enter Printastic to save the day.  This iPhone app allows you to build and order photo books straight from your phone. You can download it free from the App Store. While Printastic is only currently available as an iOS app, they are currently working to release an Android version within the next few months. 

Printastic ios App

I’ve made a few photo books in my life but I always had to do it on my laptop and transfer all my pics off my phone to my computer in order to do it. With Printastic you don’t have to do that. The app is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. You can add captions if you’d like and adjust the layout of each page. This would make such a special and personalized gift for any dad (although it probably wouldn’t get to you in time for Father’s Day, but hey, who hasn’t given a present a little late?) Of course you can use it for any number of other reasons too. The great folks at Printastic have agreed to give my readers 20% off with the promo code: SUNSHINEDAD20 The books are 21cm square and start at $29 for 24 pages and can be expanded up to 200 pages!

Printastic promocode(If you use the promo code: SUNSHINEDAD20 I will get a small referral fee)

5) Mighty Mug

If your dad drinks coffee then this is a must have item. mighty-mug


The Might Mug employs smartgrip technology and promises not to tip over on a smooth surface, yet easily lifts straight up. I can say a few mugs have been tipped over in our household and I could have definitely used this! The guys over at Mighty Mug have agreed to give a 25% discount to the first 25 users who purchase a mug by June 15th. While checking out use code: sunshinedad 

So that’s what I have for you guys leading up to Father’s Day, hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas and I hope you’re able to take advantage of a couple of these discounts. Whatever you get your dad I’m sure he’ll love it. Unless it’s a tie. That’s like getting your mom a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day.

I also want to thank all of you for helping to make this blog successful. It’s because of your support when you share my posts or when you vote for me as a Top Daddy Blogger that I was able to secure the deals above. So thank you very much.

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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide & Giveaway”

  1. Hey Mike! I loved this post what awesomely unique gifts! It’s so hard to shop for my Dad but I found him the perfect gift while on my road trip this year! Oh and that song had me cracking up! The Printastic app is so cool wish it was for Android though too. I have made my husband a few of those photo books for different gifts and he loved them. I’m heading over to check out that coffee mug now as Kenny, my husband, is famous for knocking his over before leaving the house every morning!

    Hope you’re having a terrific day!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

    1. Thanks Lysa! It’s crazy how that mug doesn’t tip over but will lift right up. I also thought about how Printastic didn’t have an android version and they left out a lot of potential customers. Maybe they’ll get one in the future.
      Road trips have a way of providing unique gifts 🙂
      Have a great evening!

    2. Hi Lisa, I’m from Printastic and just wanted to let you know that we already started working on our Android version. It should go live in the next few months. 🙂

  2. Hey, these are great ideas! We went through a very hard time trying to have a child before Avery entered our lives thanks to IVF, and that book sounds very touching. Also love the Printastic app, but like Lysa, would need it for android. Maybe there’s something similar…..

    Thanks for the ideas and coupon codes, I’ll need to look into that awesome mug too!

    1. You should look into that book for sure. And the mug is just plain cool. I’m not sure why they left out android users. Thanks for stopping by RC, I hope you’re having a nice evening.

    2. Hello! I’m from Printastic and just wanted to let you know that we already started working on our Android version. It should go live in the next few months. 🙂

  3. I love the mighty mug. I actually just got one this week and walked around my office pretending to accidentally knock it over. But of course it wouldn’t fall!

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