Feed Your Baby Right

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We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to our family. Smith Family and BellyThis bundle of joy could come any day. With this addition will come sleepless nights, late night feedings and an adjustment period for our family. As she has done with our other 4 children, my wife will breastfeed for as long as she is able. There is little debate among pediatricians that breastfeeding is best for babies. But what happens if or when mom can’t breastfeed? Fortunately for women who cannot breastfeed, there are many options of formula.

As a stay-at-home dad, I like the safety of knowing we have some formula on hand as a back-up, especially when I’m home alone with the baby. If something goes wrong with the breast milk my wife left me, I can’t produce any on my own. Call me crazy, but I don’t like to pay anymore than I have to for things.

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Parent’s Choice is clinically proven to support growth and development and be as well tolerated as Enfamil® and Similac.® It is nutritionally comparable to all the expensive baby formula brands, including Enfamil®, Similac® and Gerber® national brand infant formulas. What’s also neat is if you go to the Parent’s Choice website there is a formula finder to select the best formula for your baby.


The best part is all 4 of their value size tubs are available exclusively at Walmart for less than $20! I don’t know why we have fallen for the lie that higher price means higher quality. Parent’s Choice meets all infant’s formula nutritional standards and the recommendation of the AAP – the American Academy of Pediatrics. Kids are expensive enough without overpaying for formula.


Walmart & Parent’s Choice are teaming up to host a sweepstakes to give away samples and gift cards. Enter below for your chance to win:

The Parent’s Choice Feeding Time December Sweepstakes

Here are some additional details about the 4 formulas that Parent’s Choice offers:

Parent’s Choice Premium Powder • Infant Formula Value Size 35oz- Makes average 65, 4 oz bottles • Clinically proven to support growth and development • Compares to Enfamil Infant • Under $20.00 at $19.98

Parent’s Choice Advantage Tub Powder • Stage 2 Formula • Value Size 35oz- Makes average 60 4oz bottles • Suitable for babies 6-12 months • Under $20.00 at $19.98

Parent’s Choice Sensitivity Canned • Powder Infant Formula • 33.2oz- Makes average 60 4oz bottles • For fussiness & gas • Compares to Similac Sensitive • Under $20.00 at $19.98 (was $21.58)

Parent’s Choice Gentle • Infant Formula with Iron • Value Size 33.2oz- Makes average 60 4oz bottles • For fussiness, gas and crying • Compares to Enfamil Gentlease • Under $20.00 at $19.98 (was $22.47)


While breastfeeding will be our first option it’s nice to know it isn’t our only choice if we need a back-up plan for one reason or another. We’ll have plenty of things to worry about, whether or not our baby can eat healthy shouldn’t be one of them.

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