Frugal Parent: 6 Apps To Use To Save Some Money

The joy of having a little one is immeasurable. They teach you to love more than you ever have and through them, you find purpose and inspiration. While having a family can be one of life’s greatest gifts, it can also be life’s greatest expense. A report done by The Department of Agriculture found that it costs $233,610 to raise a child from birth to 17, not including college expenses. This astronomical amount starts with car seats and bibs and goes all the way to toys, clothes and a double umbrella stroller (when the second child arrives).

Raising children can be extremely costly and with many families living paycheck to paycheck, it can be difficult. This coupled with the sheer amount of baby gear you “need” nowadays can be stressful for parents. There are many ways to cut costs such as buying off-brand products, using coupons, shopping at discount stores and buying second-hand items. Another great tool to use to save money is your smartphone. Through apps, you can keep track of your expenses, find coupon codes and other ways of saving money. This is the perfect way to save money as you always have your smartphone with you and your money saving tricks will be right at your fingertips. There are many apps that can help you stay within your budget, but here are 6 apps to use to save some money.


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This app has a plethora of coupon codes for nearly every major brand website or in-store purchase. For online purchases, you are given a coupon code to enter at checkout. For in-store purchases, there is a scannable barcode that can be used at the checkstand. From restaurants to clothes to toys to vacations, this app has it all. There is even a map that shows you where your closest deals are at using your GPS location. Before making any purchases, check this app because chances are there’s a discount code.


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This versatile app gives you cash back through coupons, discounts, and offers. Most major stores are included so you can save on makeup, clothes, groceries, and experiences which will get you outdoors with kids. Not only that, but you can also earn $25 for every friend that you refer. This savings app works in over 2,000 stores and gives you 40% cash back on the items you buy which goes into your account. You can track your account and see when your cash back check will be sent.

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This app rewards you for shopping. When walking in a store or purchasing items, you earn “kicks” which are points. After you accumulate enough points, you are given a gift card of your choosing. This app pays you to shop and even simply entering a store. With all the shopping you have to do for kids, you might as well get paid to do it. You can also earn “kicks” online by purchasing items from some online retailers.

Money Saving

Android & iOS
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Using your GPS location, this app gives you the most up to date gas prices in your area. The app predicts if gas prices will change soon which may prompt you to fill up the tank to beat the price change. The app lists the locations and prices of all local gas stations so you can choose to drive across town for the cheapest price or stay local. One neat feature in this app is the reviews. Users give reviews of gas stations such as the quality of lighting and the cleanliness of their bathrooms. There is also a daily contest which you can enter to win $100 in gas. Before filling up, get this app and save yourself some money.


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This money-saving app teaches you how to handle money in a different way. First, your bank account connects to the app and from there it tracks your spending. It allows you to set goals, teaches you how to pay off debt and shows you detailed reports of your spending. This app will transform the way you spend your money and gives you control of your budget. If you’re considering going on a detailed budget, consider this app. Instead of fumbling with receipts and spreadsheets, this app can do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is adjust your spending habits.

My Budget Book
Android & iOS
4.7 out of 5 stars

This budgeting app allows you to personalize your budget unique to your lifestyle. Put a cap on spending, sync to multiple devices and take pictures of your receipts. This app offers colorful pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs which show a visual representation of your spending habits. For privacy reasons, this app does not use the internet. This app also allows you to change the start day of the month so if you get paid on the 15th, for example, you could set Day 1 to the 15th. Having a budget can save an incredible amount of money but having access to it everywhere you go is priceless.


Raising children is a blessing but it is also very expensive. With the invention of smartphones, you can now take your budget and coupons with you wherever you go. There are some great apps out there that will allow you to save money, get money back, and organize your money. A great idea is to include your older children in your money saving habits. Connecting with kids through budgeting teaches them to save money, learn good spending habits and more importantly build the confidence that they need to be able to manage their finances when they are older. These apps can save you a great deal of money and when you’re raising a child, every penny counts.

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