Funny Comments from the Back Seat

My four year old goes to Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) 3 days a week for 5 hours. It’s a program our state pays for to get kids ready for Kindergarten. Or in my case, give me 5 hours of a break 3 days a week. The school he goes to is very close and only takes a few minutes to get to by car. Even though the ride is short, there is something about that trip home from school that has produced some of the funniest comments from him.

I just recently started writing them down as soon as we got home so I could remember them and share them with you here. Something that will get lost a little bit here is the enthusiasm he says this stuff with. It’s like he’s talking with the excitement of Christmas morning. Watch one or two of our Playground Interviews and you can start to get a feel for Greyson’s enthusiasm for life.

Now you need to understand every one of our conversations after school start exactly like this:

Me: How was school?

Greyson: Good. I finished ________!!! (He fills in the blank with the place he finished his lunch compared to the other kids. 1st, 2nd etc. Why he cares about this, I have no idea. But it’s always the first thing he needs to tell me about.)

Me: Oh that’s nice, what did you have. (He will then go on to tell me what they had for lunch. Usually I’m just waiting to get through this whole routine so I can ask him about other things they might have done or learned. Usually his lunch details are fairly ordinary but twice his responses got a little chuckle out of me.)

#1: I had pineapple, green beans and um, I don’t know what the other stuff was. It was kind of disgusting! (Welcome to school lunches kid)

#2: I had white broccoli! IT WAS DELICIOUS! (mental note: serve more cauliflower at home.)

Today he told me he finished 2nd. I actually mixed my response up a little bit: “Second? What? Who beat you? How did you let this happen?”

Greyson: Oh “Johnny” beat me because he wasn’t talking or messing around. I was talking a little bit and doing some messing but then I shaped up and finished real fast so I was second.

Getting him to talk in any detail about anything outside of lunch is like pulling teeth. I try to ask different questions like did you learn anything new? did you answer any questions? did you laugh at anything? did anything sad happen? I get mumbles and “no” a bunch but the other day he screams out:

“Yes, we laughed! Ms. Nicole said witch and then “Colin” shouted out a witch rhyming word. It was so incredibly funny!”

I didn’t bother to ask him which word that rhymes with witch was yelled out, I think I have a good idea.

After I’ve pried whatever bits of information about his day I can get, we usually spend the rest of the ride listening to the radio. Well, last week during this portion of our ride he yells out:

“Dad, Dad I just saw a mouse! (we live in a wooded area so we see lots of wildlife)

“You did?” I said

“Yes! It was so big! HUGE. And it was just sleeping. Right in the middle of the road!”

“Woah, that’s cool!” I could barely utter the words through the laughter. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a dead possum.

Here’s to tomorrow’s 10 minute car ride home adventure!

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