Getting Gifts for a Family

I’ve been running my blog for just over 2 years now and from time to time I have gotten requests from people to guest write post to help them gain exposure or just because they enjoy writing but didn’t want the commitment of their own blog. I have largely resisted allowing other people to post here but after some consideration I decided I would loosen the reigns some and occasionally allow others to share a post.

My first guest writer is Ashley and she is going to share some tips about buying gifts for an entire family:

Picking out the best gift is a difficult art form; finding the ideal presents for a family is even tougher. Whether the family is your own or that of your friends, and whatever the holiday, getting something that everyone can enjoy is a challenge. Here is a short list of some of the best gifts for any occasion to help you get started.


Having a nice family day out almost always involves going to a restaurant of some kind. And anyone who has ever mustered together their family to go to the restaurant knows, paying the bill at the end of the meal can be quite expensive. Any family that you know would appreciate a gift certificate to their favorite local dining establishment for the holidays; having a gift certificate not only helps when it is time to pay, but it also resolves the age-old family discussion as to which restaurant to go to for a particular outing.

Family Photos

While we do live in an era of increasing amateur photography thanks to the ubiquitous cell phone camera, there is no substitute for professional photographs and printing services. Spending the money to hire a photographer guarantees that the pictures will be of a high quality, making them a keepsake for your family for years to come. Of course, if you already have the photographs that you want printed, you should instead consider a service like Shutterfly, which can print your images in whatever high-quality formats you want. You can get a good rate on your Shutterfly purchase by searching for coupons through various sites.

Amusement Parks via Flickr by SlavaSizov

Another popular family activity is the classic trip to the amusement park. Lots of localities have access to various parks, from big name national franchises to local attractions integrated into the community. If your family is flush with money this year, you can consider an elaborate vacation to some of the biggest parks in the country; if your finances aren’t quite up to supporting such a venture, you can instead head out to one of the aforementioned regional attractions. Whatever your destination, check online discounting sites for group rates like those on Groupon to help make the expense manageable.


Not all presents are about personal gain. Sometimes, the best present you can give is the opportunity to help others. You can give a nice present to your family while also teaching a valuable lesson about our responsibility to the less fortunate if you give the gift of charity to your loved ones. You can sit down together as a family and make decisions about how your charitable money should be spent to involve everyone in the process. You can also make sure that your other holiday purchases are through agencies that support charity, such as these coupons for Shutterfly, to make the most of your dollars.

Gifts are a kind of calling card, a statement of your values. Be sure that the gifts you pick out reflect the things that are important to you and yours.

Ashley is a full time student writing her way through college. When she’s not writing she enjoys hiking and any other outdoor activity imaginable.

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