How do you Stack Up?

When we first got married my wife worked for one year as an elementary school PE teacher. One of their units was all about cup stacking. I grew up playing and excelling in sports. I loved PE; it was my favorite subject every year from Kindergarten to Senior year of High School. (For the record, I did really love Drama too) But I had never heard of stacking cups and it seemed pretty silly to me.

My wife explained that it was good for development and right-brain-left-brain coordination. I wasn’t convinced. Eventually we decided that we would compete against each other. I just figured I’d whoop her like I do in every other sporting competition and I’d never have to hear about cup stacking again.

The day came when she brought a set of cups home. I was poised to stake my claim as champion. She explained the rules and let me get a few practice runs in. The moment of truth was when we brought out the stop watch. She destroyed me. My few moments of practice were not nearly enough to overcome her weeks of practice at the school.

I got frustrated, politely informed her that I was correct to think it was a ridiculous game and told her she didn’t ever need to bring those silly cups home again. Usually when I am faced with a new sport I am determined to get better and master it, but for whatever reason I really had a hard time with those darn cups and they got me so frustrated. In hindsight I wish I had practiced at it more.

Why am I rambling on about cup stacking you might ask? Oh well, let me tell you! Spin Master has come out with a new game called Quick Cups which looks like a ton of fun but also reminds me of my inability to proficiently stack cups. If this were a team sport I would certainly get picked last.

Check out the video below, everyone of them could beat me. 🙂 I can’t wait until my kids are old enough that we can have epic game nights playing games like this!

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