I Bet Your Keys Are Dumb

I started to carry a set of keys the day I turned 16. I went down to the DMV with my dad (or maybe it was my mom, I can’t remember) and gave them my Driver’s Ed certificate and smiled for my picture. I had my very own driver’s license and a new found sense of freedom. I also needed to carry around my car keys and my house keys.

I stumbled across 2 unusually large key rings and decided to use them as my key ring. That was nearly 20 years ago. I still use those 2 keys rings to this day. I’ve never given it a second thought. In fact, I’ve often though about how fortunate I was to find those large rings because I have so many keys now and I’ve never seen rings as large since.

That was my key chain, it’s was such a cumbersome thing, I hated carrying it in my pocket. I actually figured in a pinch I could use my key ring to defend myself against a would-be attacker if I needed to. There were times when walking through dark parking lots I would hold the ring in such a way that I could quickly hit someone in the face with it if I was in danger. I was always sitting down and getting stabbed in the leg.

I just figured there was no other way. I needed to carry my keys around and that was that. Little did I know there is a better way. A much better way. Enter Key|Smart 2.0  They turn your key ring into a swiss army knife of sorts. I love it! I love that my keys no longer stab me in the thigh, my keys no longer poke holes in my pockets, my keys no longer make me jingle like Santa Claus and my keys no longer slam into my dashboard every time a take a sharp curve.

The Key|Smart 2.0 can be expanded to hold as many as 100 keys. I assume most people don’t need that many keys but it’s cool that it’s an option. The model I was sent to review came with a smaller expansion pack so I had to take 4 keys off my ring to test it out (in case you are counting keys in my before and after picture). I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to order a larger expansion pack from them so I can add my other keys and never go back.

The one potential negative I’ve come across is the keys can’t be taken off as fast as a regular key ring, so if you are in a situation where you need to give someone a key quickly (but not all of them), such as dropping off your car to the mechanic or for a valet, it can be little tricky. This isn’t a situation I come across often enough for it to matter but I thought it was worth mentioning.

The only question I have now is: What am I going to do with my 2 large old key rings? I’ve been carrying them around for almost 20 years, they’re like family to me. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something. Maybe I’ll search Pinterest for some inspiration!

KeySmart 2.0In full disclosure, I was given the Key|Smart 2.0 for free to review but I was not told what to say and I honestly do think it’s a great product.


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