I Lied to My Kids

The day started out like many other days this summer. A lazy morning around the house. The kids were playing with their toys and I was drinking coffee. I was formulating a game plan for the day. After a considerable amount of time had passed we all decided that we would head to our neighborhood pool. The problem was we had wasted so much of the morning it would be lunch and nap time by the time we got over there. It was then I uttered the lie.

“We’ll go right after you guys wake up from nap.”

After a little bit of complaining the kids decided they were on board with the plan, as long as I let them take their naps in their bathing suits so they would be ready for the pool as soon as they woke up. This was fine by me. Everyone took a decent nap. As the first kids started waking up they reminded me of our plan. I reassured them as soon as everyone was awake we would be on our way.

At last the final child had awoken and we were ready to head out the door. I informed them of one small detour we needed to make first. We needed to get buns for diner tonight from the store and then we would head to the pool. We’re 4 minutes from a grocery store so it wasn’t a big deal. We zipped over to the store, darted in, grabbed our buns and got back into the car.

We were finally headed to the pool!  Foolish plan. We live in Florida. What happens nearly every Summer afternoon in Florida? Thunderstorms. The dark clouds had come out of no where. The lightning was flashing all around and as we pulled into the pool parking lot, I knew we weren’t going to be going swimming.

I prepared for the heartbreak as I began my “I’m sorry, we can’t go swimming” speech. I pointed to the dark clouds, I pointed to the lightning and I came up with a plan B. The kids took it all in stride. I was a little bit surprised. I suggested we go back to the house and have movie night. They cheered the idea and demanded popcorn as well.

“But we don’t have any more popcorn left.”

“Then let’s go back to the store and get some!”

Alrighty then, back to the store we went to get some popcorn. Popcorn was BOGO, it was a sign. I happened to go down the ice cream aisle, ice cream was on sale too, I took that as another sign also! After sprinting back into the house in the downpour we got settled in the living room.  The kids had suggested somewhere along the way that we build a giant fort and watch the move inside that. That was a great idea but in the interest of time we had to scrap the fort idea.

I got the movie fired up on XBMC via AppleTV 2 and I got them popcorn while I began to make dinner. We had salmon burgers for the first time, which went over surprisingly well. We finished up the movie, ate our ice cream and finished off the night with a few books.


I’ve really enjoyed the summer with the kids. School is going to start up soon and I’m not really looking forward to it. No more lazy mornings, no more nap-til-whenever-you-want afternoons. Soon enough we’ll be rushing to catch buses in the morning and watching the clock for after school pick-up in the afternoon. I’m hanging on to these last few days of summer as long as I can.

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7 thoughts on “I Lied to My Kids”

  1. I love this!! Smiled the whole way through reading it and enjoyed the last photo of your kids watching TV and eating salmon burgers! Yum!
    My mom would often promise us to do things as kids but for one reason or another (not blaming her) we’d not get to do it…I remember feeling so disappointed…But it seems like your Plan B (since Mother Nature ruined your Plan A) went off brilliantly and hooray for BOGO popcorn and on-sale ice cream!
    I’m sure it has been nice to have summer vacation! Florida children return back to school in August? I believe kids here in NY go back after Labor Day…
    Have a great Thursday!!

    1. Yes plan B was probably more fun than plan A! 🙂
      Usually school starts up the last week of August but this year it’s starting Aug 10th! 🙁 Shortest summer ever since last year didn’t end until 1st week of June.
      Oh well.
      You have a great day too!

      1. Oh wow that is early! I think they start later here because some schools don’t have air conditioning? I think?
        Enjoy the remaining days of summer… Indeed it’s great not to have to follow the clock and schedules!
        Happy weekend!

  2. Lie? Or just stretched the truth? 🙂
    Sounds like you recovered perfectly and everyone ended up even happier. I mean, forts, movies, popcorn, and even salmon burgers. #Winning

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