I Was Wrong. Five Kids is Tough

Adding a 5th kid into the mix won’t make a difference I said. Going from 3 kids to 4 kids was hardly noticeable, so I imagine going from 4 to 5 won’t be a big deal either. I was wrong.

It has been noticeable. It has been more difficult. It has been mentally exhausting. And I’m pretty sure we have the easiest baby the world has ever known. I can’t imagine if he was a difficult baby, I’d lose my mind.

I think it’s just the baby stage itself that is mentally draining. This tiny little human that can’t do anything for himself. All the feedings, the burpings, the diaper changes, the spit-up induced outfit changes, the naps while I try to keep 4 other kids quiet and the completely different schedule from the rest of the house can just wear a person out.

My wife also just got a new schedule at work. A schedule where she actually works less hours per week but a schedule that has me spending more time alone with the kids. Previously she worked a lot of late night shifts which meant she was working when the kids were asleep and home a good deal during the day. Now she walks out the door before they wake up and comes home when they are getting into bed. So there have been more adjustments than just adding another kid into the mix.

My blogging has clearly taken a hit. I haven’t written a non-sponsored post since May. I’m just so tired at night that I can barely watch a TV show before I pass out. Not that blogging is an essential part of my life or my family but it is something that I have grown to enjoy doing. It’s something that I miss. But something has had to give in these first few months and blogging was one of those things. The summer schedule hasn’t helped either. We have gone on so many trips and adventures this summer that it’s hard to have any extra time.

As a matter of fact, as I write this I am in the upper peninsula of Michigan somewhere enjoying a family vacation with friends who run a summer camp up here. It took us 31 hours to drive here. The first 29 hours were quite pleasant but those last 2 hours were a nightmare. Hopefully I get a chance to tell you all about it soon as well as the return trip. Who knows what the return trip has in store.

Before I go I’ll leave you with a story from this morning.

Sometime around 6am I heard my 3 year old daughter, Ela, making some noise in her bed in the next room over. Not wanting her to wake up the whole house I went in there to try and quiet her down and get her to go back to sleep for at least another hour. I lifted up the covers and slid into the twin bed with her to cuddle her for a little bit. She seemed content to snuggle into me and go back to sleep.

About 10 minutes later she softly whispers “Dad? What does kick-out mean?”

It seemed an odd question, but at this point in my dad career that doesn’t even approach the top 10 of odd questions. “Kick-out means when you tell someone they must leave.”

“Yep!” She suddenly got a little bit louder. “I’m kicking you out!”


Sheesh, I can’t even cuddle my own little girl anymore these days. At least she went back to sleep for another hour.

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