Infertility is a Man’s Issue too

It’s seems a common part of life for so many people. We even sing songs about it: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” But unfortunately for approximately 7 million couples each year, it seems like the baby carriage won’t show up. For one reason or another, many couples can have difficulties getting pregnant.

Statistically speaking, when a couple is having trouble becoming pregnant it is due to male infertility roughly 50% of the time. But shockingly, 80% of men in this situation refuse to receive a fertility evaluation. As a guy, I can understand that to some extent. It can be embarrassing, or awkward or uncomfortable to have to go into the doctor and discuss the problem and then provide a sample to test.

Fortunately, SpermCheck Fertility offers an over the counter at-home fertility test kit for men. In about 10 minutes, in the comfort of your own home, you can test to see if you have normal or low sperm count. Once you are armed with that information you can decide the next necessary step to take.

The test is fool proof. It’s 98% accurate and incredibly easy, you read the results like you would a pregnancy test. If you get your woman involved, it could actually be fun! 🙂 We’re always told knowledge is power.

I thought about video taping myself administering the kit, but somehow that didn’t seem right, so I’m simply leaving you with a picture of the contents of the kit above. You are given everything you need to quickly and discreetly test if your sperm counts are at the levels which they should be. If your levels are good then as a couple you can look to other causes which could be effecting your ability to get pregnant. If your sperm levels are too low, then of course you will need to see a doctor to discuss your options to raise your levels or see what other measures can be taken to aide in becoming pregnant.

There is no longer a reason for men to put off testing their sperm count if they and their partner are having a hard time becoming pregnant. In the end when you are holding your precious little baby, it’ll all be worth it.

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