It’s Okay to Drool Over Tommee Tippee

As a Tommee Tippee brand ambassador, I often get a chance to try out some of their great new products. Every once and a while a product comes in at just the right time! That was the case with their new Closer to Nature Comfi Neck Bib.

My youngest has been teething lately and, as we all know, when a baby starts teething he’s going to be a drool factory. It gets old having to change their shirts every 15 minutes so the obvious solution is to put a bib on. But, over the course of a few drool filled day, those wet bibs aggravate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Tommee Tippee has created a bib that is extra absorbent as well as super soft and gentle. They made one side a solid color and the other side patterned so you can either add some pizzazz to your baby’s outfit with the patterned side or you can avoid too many patterns in the wardrobe with the solid side. Either way, your baby can stay stylish while they are dry.

The Comfi Neck Bibs are also great to catch those milk dribbles too. So even if your little bundle isn’t teething just yet, you can also take advantage of the absorbency to catch some of that inevitable milk drool at meal time. And you can rest easy knowing the soft design is helping to prevent neck rashes.

Comfi Neck

This post is sponsored by Tommee Tippee

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