It’s time for the Flip Flops again

Summer is finally here! Well it was yesterday, now it’s winter again today. Seems to be a bunch of wild weather and temperature swings across the country in the past few days. Today has dipped into a very windy and chilly day in the 50s, but the past several days have been beautiful around here and got upwards of 80 degrees.

And when the weather gets that nice, it’s time for me to break out the flip flops. I essentially wear sandals for 9 months out of the year here in Florida. I don’t have anything against closed toed shoes but when it’s hot I want my feet to be cool. Plus, sandals are easier to slip on as I’m running out the door with my flock of children.

I was super excited when Rhea sent me some sandals to review. My old pair broke at the end of fall so these were right on time. Green is my favorite color, so automatically I loved the way they looked. I also really like that they are weatherproof. With all our trips to the pool, the beach and the sprinklers in the back yard, I am going to get my sandals wet. It’s nice to know I won’t have to worry about that.

The sandals are fairly comfortable right out of the box but as I have been walking around in them for the past week they are getting more and more broken in and quite comfortable. I’m certainly no foot model, but here you can see them in action on my feet.

The other wonderful hidden feature about these sandals (and all the shoes that Rhea makes) is that they are non-slip. This means that even as I’m walking around the pool in my wet sandals I don’t have to worry about slipping and falling. And finally, if you work in a job which requires you to wear non-slip shoes there are now attractive options available to you.

Years ago I was a server in college and we had to wear non-slip shoes. We had 1 option from the local big box store and they were hideous shoes, it was embarrassing to wear them. But Rhea has boots and slip-on shoes for both men and women and they look great!

Check out this video of the shoes in action:

I’m glad to see a shoe company employing some common sense to make all their shoes as non-slip as possible. You would think every shoe company would want to follow in their footsteps.

So head over to and check them out. And as a bonus to my readers, you can get 15% off your order if you use the promo code: sunshinedad

Vepo Sandals Green - Rhea Footwear - 2

Rhea sent me these shoes for free, but they didn’t tell me what to say. All thoughts are my honest opinions.  

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