Just Add Water

One day a while back, I went to wash my hands. I went into the downstairs bathroom and pumped a squirt of soap onto my hands. I immediately noticed that the soap was incredibly watery. I remembered noticing the day before that the soap level was low and thinking I needed to add more soap.  Since my mother-in-law watched the kids the previous night, I started to think that maybe she had added some water to the soap since it might have gotten too low to pump.

Now why did I think it was my mother-in-law? I don’t really know. I was just guessing. Adding water to the soap wasn’t really something my wife or I did. I was just trying to think who else it might have been. No big deal, life went on. I got some soap added into the dispenser.

A week or two went by and I noticed in the upstairs bathroom the soap dispenser in there now had water added to it as well. I didn’t remember my mother-in-law coming over recently but I still couldn’t think who else. I just thought “Man I’ve got to stay on top of these soap dispensers or she’ll fill them up with water quickly.”

Another week or so went by and I was at my sink in our master bathroom (we have separate his and hers vanities). I discovered my soap dispenser there was now filled up with water too. Now I was really confused and a little annoyed. I knew it couldn’t be my mother-in-law because she would never mess with the soap at my sink. My wife doesn’t even mess with anything over there. I was really confused.

About a day later my wife comes up to me and asked “are you pouring water into the soap dispensers?” I quickly responded with “No! I though maybe it was you. It’s getting annoying. Who’s doing that? I though maybe it was you mom.”

“Why would my mom do that?” she said

“I don’t know. Why would anyone? I was just trying to guess who it could possibly be.”

“Think it’s one of the kids?’

“Why would one of the kids be doing that?”

Well, wouldn’t you know, after asking the kids about it we found out it was Greyson. I proceeded to ask him why he would do that and he responded by saying the soap was low and when you add water to stuff it makes more of it. I was so confused. I asked him where he learned that. His answer was perfect.

“I learned it from you because you told me when you add water to Gatorade it makes more and then it lasts longer.”

Oh yeah I did tell him that when I wanted to dilute his Gatorade and he was protesting. We all had a good laugh about that and I told him to let mommy and daddy handle the soap refills from now on. (And sorry to my mother-in-law that I secretly blamed you for our watery soap epidemic.)

I hope you all have a terrific week.
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5 thoughts on “Just Add Water”

  1. Brilliant. He’s learning and it makes total sense to me. I would just be proud that you’ve taught him to be so helpful. Most kids that age wouldn’t have that thought cross their mind. Funny little mystery!!

  2. Funny the things they will think of to do! My kids removed the container from the built-in soap dispenser on my kitchen sink, so when I poured the dish soap in it, it went straight to the bottom of my cabinet! URGH. I still haven’t found that bottle! I saw you on Top Mommy Blogs, and followed you. Hope you will return the favor!

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