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As if parenting wasn’t already hard enough in the real world we also have to make sure we protect our kids in the digital world too. The internet has opened a whole new world of threats to our kids that we need to be aware of, such as cyber bullying, pornography, gambling and sexual predators.

The quickest solution would be to disable your internet, throw away all your smart phones and go stick your head in the sand. The reality, though, is that the internet has become a necessary part of our lives and this isn’t a realistic option. We need realistic solutions to be able to keep our kids safe while allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of living in our modern digital age.

5One of the best ways to monitor your child’s internet activities, without following them around all day looking over their shoulder, is to get an internet monitoring program. This allows them to stay safe but still maintain some level of independence. eKAVACH is just such a program. It is an easy-to-use Parental Control app with the following features:

  • Internet filtering of websites, keywords etc
  • Blocks porn, gambling, adult and other violent content
  • Keeps check on the visited sites – eKAVACH also blocks black-listed sites as per the age requirement of the kids.
  • Lets parent have a check on the apps downloaded.
  • Helps parents to allocate time schedule to surf internet.

2Of course nothing replaces the effectiveness of old fashioned face to face conversations with your kids about the threats that exist online and how to avoid them but we’d also be silly as parents not to take extra precautions to protect our kids.

Right now eKAVACH is only available on the Google Play store but they will be releasing full versions for your desktop or laptop soon.

So lets get started for a better tomorrow! Install eKAVACH Parent app on your phone and then follow the instructions. Once you are done, install eKAVACH Child app on your kid’s phone.

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