Kick It into High Gear

Well, those lazy summer mornings have come to an end. No more dragging my feet and waiting until mid morning to get the kids dressed and make breakfast. We now hit the ground running at 7am sharp! I want to try and get on top of things around the house so I have decided to come up with a household schedule.

I have resisted a rigid schedule for years for reasons unknown but I have decided “I can’t knock it ’til I try it” so I’m going to go for it. Last weekend I created a weekly schedule. So far, so good. Although, I’m open to some tweaking of the schedule as needed. Here it is as it currently stands:IMG_0046

Hopefully this will help me stay on task, become more productive and help the kids get into a routine as well. One thing for sure, the key to this whole deal is for me to wake up and start firing on all cylinders.  Thankfully I have a wonderful new personalized photo mug from York Photo to chug my coffee out of.

I love this mug, not only is it huge, it also has a removable lid for when I need to take my show on the road (to the bus stop).  I was able to upload my pictures and design my own mug.  I choose a design with 6 pictures. I started with a picture of my wife and me on our honeymoon then added a family picture taken after each of our kids were born. It’s such a fun trip down family lane.

York Photo doesn’t only have mugs though. They have all kids of personalizeable photo products from seasonal items to men’s gifts to women’s gifts and everything in between.  Of course, they also have prints. It can be hard at times to find that perfect gift but York Photo makes it easy to find that perfect item for even the most difficult person to shop for on your list.

And it sure makes drinking your morning coffee more pleasant!

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