Kid Speak: Junk Food

My second born, the three-year old, is a walking soundbite. Sometimes I have a difficult time remembering all the crazy things he’s said throughout the day to repeat them later. He’s also so animated and has such great delivery that sometimes simply repeating his word doesn’t do the situation justice.  Last night at dinner he provided two particularly memorable moments. We were eating grilled chicken salad and I had put some sliced mushrooms into the salad.  About halfway through his salad he pulls up his fork out of his bowl and on the end is a mushroom stem.  I can hear him make a quiet gasp.  I look over at him. He is holding his fork up and slowly rotating it looking with big excited eyes at this piece of food.  Then he slowly whispered to himself:

“I found a dinosaur tooth.”

He slowly brought the fork to his mouth and you could just see the anticipation in his body.  He took a bite and started to chew. It was as if all the air left him. His shoulders dropped, his face clearly showed disappointment.  Then out of the side of his mouth seemingly directed to me he let out a sigh and quietly said:

“Oh, it was just a mushroom.”

I don’t know what he was expecting a dinosaur tooth to taste like or why he though there might be one in his salad, but I love his zeal for life and his willingness to try new things.

Since October 31st was not so long ago we have plenty of candy in our house right now and if the kids do a good job eating all their dinner I’ve been letting them have a piece of candy or two as “dessert.”  As he finished his last bite of dinner he looked at me and said:

“Daddy, I’d like a lollipop for a treat. Lollipops are good for your body.”

I chuckled a bit and said:

“No lollipops are not good for your body, they are treats, they’re more of a junk food really.”

He seemed to take immediate offense to this. He sat up straight and as if he were giving some sort of public service announcement begins to say:

“They’re not junk food! Old McDonald, The Bell and The Place with the Hat, that’s junk food!”

I just had to laugh. Clearly my wife has been expressing to them her dislike for McDonald’s, Taco Bell and what I think might be Arby’s.  “The Bell” I Think I’m going to start calling it that from now on.

I assumed that was the end of that discussion but then this morning on our way to the grocery store he points out the window as we’re driving by a Taco Bell and yells out:

“See that? See The Bell? That’s what I’m talking about, that’s junk food! Now just keep your eye out for Old McDonald.”

I can’t help but to laugh again.

“My eyes are peeled buddy, my eyes are peeled” 🙂

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