LifeFlix: Memories Recovered

Do you have old videotapes lying around?

Memories don’t belong in a box.

These cute little DV tapes are full of memories… your wedding day, the birth of your first baby, your child’s first birthday, your favorite family vacation to Disney. So many BIG things on such a small tape. The problem is, they are stuck on those tapes.  And what’s the point of having these magical moments on tape if you can’t do anything with them?

The founders of LifeFlix had the same problem and decided to do something about it.  We’ve been developing LifeFlix for three years and have finally perfected the app to make capturing your video memories easy.

LifeFlix is the #1 MiniDV Importer and is the simplest way to watch, protect, and share your taped memories. All you need to do is connect your DV camera to your Mac, turn on your camera, and launch the program. LifeFlix walks you through a few steps and options for your videos, and from there you can watch, save, and share these memories from years ago.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers are saying, like Joe!  See all reviews.

EXACTLY what I needed!

…SO easy to use!…I was able to back up ALL of my family video memories in a very short amount of days off from work!…

…start importing one…set a timer…come back and swap out mini DV tapes…very minimal folder setup between imports (I think I had it down to about 30 seconds between each import session)…

…SO thankful for this software! Joe S.  –

We promise you that LifeFlix is one of the easiest apps you will ever use. For more information, or to order LifeFlix for the low cost of $29.99, please visit Use the coupon code “rescuetapes30” to receive 30% off of your purchase. Let us help you rescue your memories. Trust us, you’ll love it!

All the best!

-The LifeFlix Team


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