Lost His Name, Melted My Heart

When the package arrived in the mail, I could hardly wait to rip into it. I hurried inside and threw the junk mail on the counter and pulled the book out. As I saw the cover, I got goose bumps. After reading the personalized inscription I was tearing up. It only got better after that.

I was given the opportunity to try out a personalized book called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. (There is also one for girls and a brand new one called The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home)


The process to create the book was incredibly simple and actually quite fun. The boy in the book wakes up one morning to find that he has lost his name. He goes on an adventure to find it. He encounters different characters along the way and each gives him the first letter of their name. By the end he has all the letters of his own name.

When you are designing your book you start by typing in their name and gender at the starting page. From there you get to choose from a couple of different characters (primarily animals) for most letters. For example “A” can either be Aardvark or Alligator. This is handy when your child has a double letter in their name.

Before you are done you get to type out a dedication for the first page to make it even extra personalized and special. You can watch the short video below to get an even better idea how it works.

I have to say, I was so impressed. The illustrations are fun and colorful and the pages are very thick. They aren’t going to easily rip or tear. My kids were amazed that I had found a book that was written about their little brother. I was even able to somewhat customize the look of the main character to look like him. Eventually I did tell them that I had the book specially made, but it was fun to see their faces and hear their questions when they thought it was a coincidence.

Lukasz lost his name

We are going to treasure this book forever. I’m pretty sure I’m now going to have to get all my other kids one too. It would make such a great gift to any child in your life.

I was given the book for free but wasn’t compensated in any other way and all statements are my honest opinion. 

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