Me Want

Part of my job as dad is to teach my kids to talk good with proper grammar. By my last sentence, you can already tell I’m not the most qualified at this position but some things are obvious to even me. My 2 year old has been notorious for starting sentences out with “me want.” Me want a snack, me want a toy, me want to go to the bathroom, me want, me want.

Even I can understand that this isn’t proper, so I set out to correct his speech. I explained to him that we don’t say “me want,” instead he should say “I would like.” At first he didn’t really understand and our conversations would go something like this:

Him: Me want a snack

Me: Don’t say me want. Say I would like.

Him: Me want a snack.

Me: No, say I would like.

Him: I wulike.

Me: Good job.

Him: Me want a snack.

Me: Nooooo, say I would like a snack.

Him: I wulike, me want a snack.

Me: Don’t say me want, just say I would like a snack.

Him: I wulike a snack, me want a snack.

Me: ok, close enough, here’s some goldfish.

After having nearly that exact conversation 20 times a day for 2 weeks he has finally started to get the hang of it and will say “I would like” about 75% of the time. What’s funny is he doesn’t understand the whole concept of proper grammar. He just thinks “me want” is some sort of a bad word to say.

During one of his tantrums the other day when he was mad at me, he went over the the couch and I could hear him yelling into the couch pillow “me want, me want, me want.” I just had to laugh that in his little mind that was how he could get back at me, by yelling “me want.”

Kids are funny.

5 thoughts on “Me Want”

  1. Funny stuff. Brought a smile to my face… ahhh the repetition in teaching a lesson like that, but it always pays off.

  2. You are such a good daddy. Just keep after them and they will come around. By the way, me want a Heineken.

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