Million Dollar Smile

I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy coffee.  Ok, actually I love creamer and caffeine but who’s really keeping track. While that coffee does wonders to get me going in the morning, it doesn’t do any favors to my teeth. I’ve noticed over the past few years that my teeth have gotten a little bit yellower.  This can often be highlighted by the fact that one of my top front teeth is porcelain and isn’t subject to the same discoloration as my real teeth. That can sometimes cause my teeth to look more yellow by contrast. 

So when I was offered a chance to try out a teeth whitening product I was ecstatic. The Advanced Plus 3 teeth whitening system is professional and easy to use.truewhite_3_large_3d1566b2-9916-42a8-9edb-03c91ae0dc55_1024x1024

It consists of a 3 steep process where you apply 3 different gels to your teeth and let them sit with the LED mouth guard on for 8 minutes each. The first step is a pre-whitening gel, it felt similar to toothpaste to me. The second step is the peroxide whitener, it tingled and had a slight burning sensation at times on my gums in a few spots where I wasn’t very careful while brushing it on. And the third step is an enamel booster, it was quite cool and soothing. For maximum effect you should repeat this process 3 times, either all on the same day or once everyday for 3 days.

I found it very simple to use. I put in on and watched TV while I waited for my timer to go off. In less time than it took me to watch a 30 minute sitcom I had completed a treatment. But the real test would be: did it work. I took a before picture of my teeth and then an after shot. You can see the results below.


I am very pleased with the results. My teeth are whiter and I’m a little bit more confident about my smile. The best thing about the Advanced Plus 3 is there is enough gel included for 20-25 treatments. Actually, I lied, the best thing is the discount that Sunshine Dad readers are able to get. My readers are able to buy the Advanced Plus 3 for a remarkable $19.99. That’s less than a dollar a treatment! Good luck getting that deal in your dentist office.

So if you’ve been hoping for whiter teeth then the answer is here. Give yourself a reason to smile again! 🙂


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  1. Love reading your blog. Love this post about teeth whitening! So awesome for putting yourself out there!
    If you have the chance, check my blog out.
    It’s really just nonsense about my everyday life with my kids!
    Enjoy the day!

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