Moments to Cherish Forever

As the summer is winding down and the kids are starting back to school, our family continued our tradition of ending the summer with a week on the beach. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all take the week off and head over to the beach for a wonderful week of relaxing, good cooking, fun, sun, laughter and memories.

IMG_0042I believe this is the 5th year out of the last 6 we have done it. It is one of the highlights of my year. Getting to relax on the beach or poolside is hard to beat. It’s also a terrific opportunity for my kids to spend some extra time with their grandparents and their aunts and uncles. And it’s a great chance for me to cash in on lots of free babysitting! ha

One of the other things we make a semi-big deal out of is the taking of a family photo during this week. We are all often together at other times of the year, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas but there is something special about having your family picture set against the backdrop of the ocean. It’s been fun to watch the family grow from year to year as babies are born.

Here is this year’s masterpiece!


I hope we are able to continue this family tradition for many years to come. Maybe one day I can even do it with my own grandkids. I guess my kids will need to grow up first. As for now, I’ll hold tight to these memories and cherish them until at least next year when we make new ones.

Speaking of cherishing memories, the folks over at Lost My Name have just come out with another amazing personalize-able book for children. I had previously reviewed, and loved their first book, The Little Boy Who Lost his Name. Now they have out a second book which is equally amazing: The Incredible Intergalactic Journey HomeIMG_6136It’s a cute book about a kid who is lost in space and needs to get home. You get to personalize the child in the story to look more like your child and of course your child’s name is used throughout the book. I had this book made up for my daughter Ela.



As “Ela” is on her epic journey to get back home she encounters many different characters to help her on her journey. She is joined by her best friend, a robot named Hubble who has a humorous affinity for lemonade. As Ela is nearing home she spots a familiar landmark and then she finally sees her house.

Now when I say “familiar landmark” and “sees her house” I’m being literal. Part of the personalization is entering in your home address. So you will see an actual photo of a famous landmark near your home as well an actual satellite image of your home. Yes I am sitting in one of those houses below right now!


These books make fantastic gifts and they’re sure to be treasured for a long time. You are able to write a personalized message inside the front cover as well. I really can’t say enough great things about both of the books that the folks over at Lost My Name have to offer. My kids love seeing their name in a book and those books are hands down the most requested books at bedtime in our house.

It won’t surprise me if one day my kids are reading these books to their kids. They’re worth treasuring.

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