Packing vs. Unpacking

We just went to Disney to celebrate our son’s 4th birthday. We had a great time and were able to meet up and enjoy the day with some of our friends that live in Orlando. Our group consisted of 4 adults and 10 kids aged 6 and under. It was a little wild, a little crazy and a lot of noise. But it was a good day and hopefully our son had a memorable day.

It was a fairly quick trip. By the time it was all said and done, from the time we left our house to the time we returned was roughly 30 hours. Between the 6 of us we were able to pack all of our clothes for an overnight trip into two smaller duffel bags.  We had a whole bunch of other stuff and to the untrained eye it might have looked like we were moving out of our house, but as far as actual clothes we fit everything into two bags.

All the packing and unpacking has reminded me of the ongoing debate in our household. Which is worse: Packing or Unpacking?

I personally hate unpacking, while my wife loathes packing. I find packing to be relatively easy. I grab my toiletries bag, as many pair of underwear and socks as days we’ll be gone, toss in my bathing suit, then pack up a few matching sets of pants/shorts and shirts and call it a day. I’m just grabbing from the closet and dropping into my suitcase or bag. All the while I’m excited about our upcoming trip. It’s roughly a 20 minute process.

My wife on the other hand stresses about what to bring,  She never has anything to wear, can’t decide which shoes to bring (so she brings them all), packs 3 options for each day and if we’re going on  a plane she always over-packs by about 20lbs.

Then when we get home, I hate having to take all the stuff out of my suitcase and wash it (or not if it didn’t get dirty) and put it all back into its various places. It’s roughly a 3 day process. My wife thinks this is the easy part because she already knows where everything goes and doesn’t have to make any decisions about it.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see eye to eye on this one but fortunately this is a fairly lighthearted debate. How about you guys? Have you thought about it before? Do you tend to hate packing or unpacking more? Or does this whole debate seem absolutely ridiculous?

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9 thoughts on “Packing vs. Unpacking”

  1. Your trip to Disney sounds like fun! But the dilemma of packing and unpacking is always tough… You make valid points for liking and disliking both… I admit that unpacking is my least favorite because it is proof that the vacation is over and it’s back to reality!
    Happy weekend!!

  2. Women and packing that should be some social experiment conducted at a major university. Hell my seven year old daughter packs like a she is going on a four day vacation when she stays with me! Personally I’m in your camp unpacking sucks!

      1. Woah, you are going to get the League of Women coming down on you with crazy talk like that! Pack for a women? Did you bump your head or trip on one of the kids toys?

    1. Packing also means you’re about to go on vacation and that’s exciting. Unpacking means the vacation is over. It’s hard to get motivated about that! Thanks for weighing in Liz.

  3. Yep, totally agree with you and the others, unpacking sucks! When you’re packing, you’re (usually) going somewhere or doing something fun, but when you’re unpacking, that means no more fun and back to….ugh…reality. boo.

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