6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to have a baby

So you are considering having a baby? Having a baby is a huge decision. One that shouldn’t be made lightly. I’ve compiled a list of a few questions you should ponder in helping you decided if you are ready.

Do I like sleep? 

Once you have a baby you can kiss any good sleep goodbye for quite a while. Continue reading 6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to have a baby

Chapstick Potty

Potty training is a necessary evil in every parents life. I don’t know anyone who would describe it as fun but then again changing your child’s diapers for their entire life isn’t going to be fun either. At some point, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you will potty train your child. Sometimes these things go well, sometimes they go crappy. (That was a dad joke) Continue reading Chapstick Potty

Why is the 2nd Child Crazy?

What’s up with #2? Why is it that more often than not the second born child is crazy? That’s certainly the case with our second child. I often think of him as my own personal Charles Dickens “He’s the best of times, he’s the worst of times” His name is Greyson and I have found myself referring to his antics as being Grey-Cray. I’m not alone in this either. Continue reading Why is the 2nd Child Crazy?

6 Things Toddlers Can Say & Do That Adults Can’t

Rules apply differently to toddlers, as anyone with a toddler can attest. They regularly say and do the most unexpected and socially unacceptable things. Often it’s humorous and innocent since they are just beginning to develop their understanding of the world. As it turns out, they can get away with things that an adult simply cannot. As I’ve watched my kids grow I’ve taken note of several things they (mostly) get away with that I would not be able to.

Announce potty trips

It’s not a big deal for a toddler (especially a recently potty trained toddler) to quit whatever it is they are doing and make a loud proclamation that they are going to the bathroom. They could be in the middle of a game, puzzle or the grocery store when all of a sudden Continue reading 6 Things Toddlers Can Say & Do That Adults Can’t

Goodness Snakes Alive

Today’s post is all about how a snake gave me a chance at redemption.


Here’s the thing though, you can’t read it here. You have to venture over to Welcome to My Circus in order to read it.  I am the first guest blogger in a new guest blogger series The Sideshow.  So please click on the logo below to read my post (and comment if you feel so compelled). Then browse around her site some too. She has some of the craziest adventures! Thank you to everyone for your support. Have a blessed day!

Welcome to my circus Sideshow


JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.

The great folks over at Harry & Jack’s sent us a JETPACK Adventure Pack to try out and review. When the package arrived the kids gathered around while I opened it up. My first thought was “Wow, it feels much more durable than I expected.” My 3 year-old’s first screaming comment was “Awesome, that’s mine! Can I put my lunch in the rocket ship?!”

I was trying to look it over but my son just kept asking me if he could play with it. After unsuccessfully trying to explain to him it was a backpack and not a toy, I finally just gave in and handed him the pack err I mean, rocket ship to play with. He put on the pack and I helped him put on the accompanying arm band. He shouted something along the lines of “To Infinity and beyond” and took off running Continue reading JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.

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