Reclaim Your Backyard with DynaTrap

My family and I have recently moved. It was a local move and we moved to a bigger house with a larger yard. Our back yard has a terrific outdoor space and overlooks a beautiful marsh and creek area. Being that we live in Florida, we were quite concerned about bugs and mosquitoes. We were worried that it could be so bad with the bugs that we wouldn’t even be able to enjoy our great outdoor space. Continue reading Reclaim Your Backyard with DynaTrap

End an Era on the Right Foot

Earlier this week marked the official end of an era around here. I started my first full time job since 2009, thus my days as a stay-at-home dad have come to an end. I am working at a local Marriott Resort and my official title is Recreation Supervisor. Of course if you had listened to the Dad Bros podcast the other night you would already know all this. Continue reading End an Era on the Right Foot

The Dad Bros Show Records its 200th Episode

My pals Jon and Josh over at the Dad Bros Show podcast recorded their 200th show the other night and they graciously invited me to come on. They are a couple great dads and all around fun guys to chat with.

I also publicly revealed some exciting news about myself on the show for the first time, so go give a listen so you can be in the loop!

You can listen to their 200th episode by clicking here.

LifeFlix: Memories Recovered

Do you have old videotapes lying around?

Memories don’t belong in a box.

These cute little DV tapes are full of memories… your wedding day, the birth of your first baby, your child’s first birthday, your favorite family vacation to Disney. So many BIG things on such a small tape. The problem is, they are stuck on those tapes.  And what’s the point of having these magical moments on tape if you can’t do anything with them? Continue reading LifeFlix: Memories Recovered

The Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad of 5